Yung Gravy Takes Over 'Smooth' For Dr Pepper Strawberries & Cream Collab (Exclusive) (2023)

The first big song of the summer? This Could Be 'Strawberries & Creamin' From The Rapper And Budding Style IconsauceReleased today (May 3), the song and accompanying music video capture Yung Gravy's signature flow and style while introducing the world to a new addition to the Dr Pepper family. It's an earworm - abalance of payments– This is what Gravy is aiming for. “When we first pitched this and this idea to us, I talked to [diamond gun], who helped me make a song,” says Yung GravyHollywood life."I said, 'Gee, if we're going to do this, we're going to have to do something disgusting.'

Even though the song is less than two minutes long and is about Dr Pepper's newest soda flavor, it's clearsaucepiece, try to do. Rapper "Betty".HLWhatever he does, he always "wants to make sure it's great. And I've heard a lot of songs that were misogynistic and I was like, 'We can't. We're going to make this great". , I'm very happy with how it turned out."

It helps that Dr. Pepper agrees to let Gravy be himself. "They were really open to our ideas and threw some rap terms into it and let's keep it that way," he added. The partnership also extends to exclusive merchandise packs released through the NTWRK app. As a tribute to the soda's 23 unique flavors, consumers will have the opportunity to pick up a 23-pack for $1.23. These packs include the gravy boat (of course), the silk collar shirt that gravy wears in the video, and custom vinyl-inspired drink coasters. To enter the lucky draw, fans must download the NTWRK app and followthis link.

Yung Gravy Takes Over 'Smooth' For Dr Pepper Strawberries & Cream Collab (Exclusive) (1)

This silk shirt - perfect for lounging around this summer - was designed by Gravy, "who I work with a lot,Dakota[knight]," and the NTWRK team. "We've always wanted to do a silk shirt, a bowling shirt, or whatever you want to call it. The bottom is also cool. We were free to try some cool stuff and the color scheme is perfect. "

Gravy definitely holds its own in hip-hop. If his distinctive and charismatic baritone voice doesn't set him apart, there's hardly a 6-foot red-headed rapper from Minnesota on the scene. Combined with his own aesthetic for lively button-down shirts and a penchant for vibrant prints and relaxed outfits, he becomes a style icon.

Styling was also on Gravy's mind. "The other thing I had in mind as we were making it was that I wanted to do a lot with merchandise and fashion and things that didn't make business sense," Gravy explained. "It was like selling silk. Like shirts – only certain people will wear it or mass-producing it is crazy. So it's nice to try it and really put something together. just because I like how it turns out."

Yung Gravy Takes Over 'Smooth' For Dr Pepper Strawberries & Cream Collab (Exclusive) (2)

At the heart of the collaboration, of course, is "Strawberries & Creamin'," a song that lingers long after one drinks Dr Pepper Strawberries & Cream (or the zero-sugar version). "When we first wrote the song, we realized we were going to have to change it," Gravy saidHL."Some of the lyrics were a little dirty at first and then they were easy to fix because I had to do a lot of stuff like clean samples and all that - basically clean stuff for someone or someone's property for someone Let them clean the samples I use . So I'm used to it."

"I think it's mostly about matching the beat and the production sound to the vibe and flavor of a particular drink," he continued. "I create music that fits the Dr Pepper Strawberries & Cream flavor because a lot of my beats are very hip-hop and rough. We wanted some smooth but catchy summer songs and ended up creating a mix of pop and hip-hop song."

Writing a song about a drink presents some challenges, but Gravy says one thing he's noticed over the years of writing: "Sometimes it's easier to write when you have a theme or a story or a narrative," he said.

"I have a lot of songs that tell a story or are all about one thing," he continued. "At least for me, it made it easier to stick to the boundaries. I found that other artists agreed with that. So, in a way, once we found his voice and wrote some basic lyrics, it actually came together very smoothly. It also helped that I wrote a lot of my regular songs that had references to food and drink. So I think it's a really good match."

Gravy's talents are showcased on "Strawberries & Creamin'," with lyrics featuring the brand's formula ("Count my flavors, do it live / 23 to 25") and two new ingredients. The tune is full of swagger and comedy, never taking itself too seriously, while providing a fun experience from start to finish. "They just wanna live the dream/I just wanna get the cream," he raps.

Another thing Gravy has learned as a writer is that sometimes being smooth and direct is the best way to go. “What I'm better at,” he says after a pause, “is that for the average listener, if they're listening quickly, something is too complicated to digest—because I listen to a lot of artists, like,MF doomAnd rappers with a listener base that's really detailed when they get into all the [bars]; there's a lot more in there and they try to make the lyrics really complicated. "

"Then, I realize people just don't get it. Or I'll quote some obscure song or something that some people know and think is really cool, but generally I'm wasting my time trying to understand Complicate it pointlessly," he added. "I've put lyrics to songs that I thought everyone would freak out about, and then one in a hundred people noticed what I meant. So I'm really good at making these similes or whatever, the puns are so clear and obvious, instead of trying to be too detailed".

Yung Gravy Takes Over 'Smooth' For Dr Pepper Strawberries & Cream Collab (Exclusive) (3)

For now, Gravy is keeping it smooth and keeping it simple. He leaves the intricacies and details to others. this leads tonadwarQuestion. In an interview in December 2022Paper, Gravy said he had never met the legendary interviewer. Could 2023 be the year that changes? "I'd love to," he said. Gravy is often split between Nardwaur's hometown of Vancouver and Canadababy no money"I know he met Narduwar," Gravy said, "perhaps doing something short."

"But I've been in contact with him for a while," Gravy said. "We don't have a full interview planned yet, but I want to do it. I'm supposed to be there this summer shooting some music videos. So I hope we get to see To. Because I know over the years I've seen fans find out about me. It's exciting to see what he comes up with. So I hope, someday in the next couple of years, it happens."

Meanwhile, Gravy will continue to dream of strawberries.

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