What Does It Mean When Your Ex Likes Your Social Media Posts? (2023)

3 common reasons a woman will like your social media posts after a breakup are:

1. She wants to show you that she's still interested

What Does It Mean When Your Ex Likes Your Social Media Posts? (1)

When a woman has lost a lot of respect and attraction for a man, she usually won't make much effort to stay in touch with him or to be nice to him in any way after a breakup.

She will try to cut off all contact, break off cleanly and move on.

However, if a woman still has feelings for her man and secretly hopes they can patch things up between them, she might take the initiative by clicking on his social media posts in hopes that he will move on.

Essentially, she gives him an excuse to text or call her and reopen the lines of communication between them.

So if your ex is liking most or all of your social media posts right now, this could be her way of letting you know that she's still interested.

Despite their interest, some boys are concerned"What if I contact her and she ignores me? What if liking my social media posts doesn't mean she's still interested? Would I just make a fool of myself if I texted her and she ignored me or reject it. So I'm just waiting for a more obvious sign that she's interested, like contacting me directly."

Here's the thing...

Ultimately, it doesn't matter why your ex likes your social media posts.

What matters is that if you want her back, you need to have the confidence to go through with the ex-back process whether she gives you clear signs or not.

Just contact her and start the ex back process so that you and her can find each other and resume your relationship.

If you waste too much time waiting, she might get bored of waiting for you and just date or fall in love with another guy.

So, if you want your ex back, don't wait and hope that she makes it clear to you that she really wants you back.

Be man enough to take the lead and make the first move to start the process of getting your ex back, regardless of whether she gives you super clear signs that she's interested.

Remember: women are naturally drawn to the core traits of men like confidence, confidence, determination and quiet perseverance.

The more you show your ex these qualities (for example, being fearless in getting him back), the more respect and attraction he will have for you.

I'm not talking about being needy and bombing their calls or texts to get them back.

I'm talking about being confident, relaxed, laid back, and persevering (in a calm way) as you guide her through the ex-back process.

If she sees that you're confident enough to move forward, she'll feel respect and attraction to your masculinity, even if you're not giving her super clear signals.

When that happens, the vigilance drops and it feels right for them to get back together.

She notices that you've improved a lot since the breakup and that you're much more of a man than ever.

She also appreciates the fact that you're not anxiously hiding and hoping that she'll be the boldest and lead the two of you back into a relationship.

As a result, she is attracted to you, becomes aroused, and is swept back into your arms.

On the other hand, if you are waiting and feeling unsure, nervous and insecure, she will probably be thinking:"Why isn't he doing anything? I gave him a chance and he won't budge. Maybe he's just not interested in getting back together. Maybe I need to make him jealous by starting to move on with another guy. "

Another reason why your ex might like your social media posts is because...

2. She's just plain nice and wants to help you feel better

What Does It Mean When Your Ex Likes Your Social Media Posts? (2)

Most women are really nice people, so even after a breakup, a woman can keep trying to make her ex feel good about their breakup.

For example, a woman might like his social media posts to let him know that she doesn't hold grudges for what happened between them.

Alternatively, she could let him know that they can still be friends even if they are no longer together.

Whatever the case for you, it's important that you take the chance she's given you (by liking your posts, following you on social media, or checking your snapchats) and give her a call so you can meet her in person.

Personally, you might as well withdraw it entirely, keep it, and have another chance.

For example: if a woman broke up with a man because he was too soft, soft and reserved with her, now he needs to show her that he is more confident, courageous and assertive (without going overboard and trying to show off).

He needs to let her see that he has changed and that she can now be attracted to him in a way that is secretly important to her.

Alternatively, if a woman broke up with a man because he didn't value her and treated her badly for too long, now he needs to show her that he's not that guy anymore.

Of course, it's not that simple, so don't get me wrong here.

If you got fired for mistreatment, she won't run into your arms again if you panic and start desperately treating her like a princess.

Women are disheartened by men's desperation; so if she left you because you didn't treat her well enough, you need to relax and stay calm while you start treating her better.

Don't try to get close to her because she will see it as desperation and disgust.

Just relax, keep being the nice guy you are, and be a little nicer to her at the same time.

Don't become a super nice guy who idolizes the ground she walks on because she'll see that as hopeless and you'll lose that nice side you always had as a guy.

Just relax and be a better person, but don't overdo it.

Okay, so let's get back to liking your posts...

Even if your ex is a nice person and only likes your social media posts to make you feel better, that doesn't mean you should sit back and do nothing about it.

Open the lines of communication between you and her.

For example, you can send her a text message and suggest that you can be friends.

Of:Hey Rebecca... just thought I'd say hello. How it is? I miss you.
Because:Hey... I'm fine. What works?

Then just call her.

Don't waste time texting each other and possibly hanging up on them or getting into a message exchange where you're trying too hard.

Just call them, make them smile and laugh over the phone, then suggest meeting up to say hello.

If she's secretly ready to get back together with you, she'll say:"E"and meet with you

If she doesn't want to meet you since she's been checking your social media posts, make her jealous by posting pictures of you having fun with friends.

A lot of guys are afraid to post pictures like this because they don't want to upset their ex.

However, you need to understand how a woman's attraction to a man really works.

Seeing that he looks confident around other people who like and desire him makes her feel more attracted.

Also, if some of the photos have women in them, she worries that some of those women might like him, and then he'll move on.

This motivates her to meet up with him and see how things are going before it's too late and he moves on.

Of course, she could pretend to be angry and say:"I see you having fun with all these girls"(and not even mentioning that the photos were mostly male) to see if he panicked.

When he panics and says:"No, I don't like any of those women. I didn't even want to be there that day because I was thinking about you."she then loses all attraction she secretly felt for him because of the pictures.

A better response is to laugh and say something like:"Why are you jealous?"and then jokingly laugh about her and with her about it.

Alternatively, you can say"Hey, not that you mind, is it? We're separated, remember. I still love you, but I've accepted your decision not to be together anymore."

If she secretly wants you back, telling her that is like a knife to the heart, and that's probably how you felt when she broke up with you.

She then starts wanting you back to make her feel better.

Another reason why she might be clicking on your social media posts (or looking at your Snapchat posts) is that…

3. She's trying to mess with your head and make you wonder what it means to click "like"

Sometimes a woman is very angry or upset about what happened between her and her ex and wants revenge.

So she carries it around, pretending to be interested while secretly trying to find a replacement.

For example, you might think"I'm going to get revenge for the pain he caused me. I'm going to mess with his head by liking his social media posts. He'll then wonder what that means and maybe even start hoping it's a sign that I want him back. I will confuse him. That will do him justice, because he treated me the way he did!”

So when he tries to contact her, she might either ignore him completely or respond with something like:"What do you want?"or"Why are you contacting me? It's over between us. Just because I like some of your social media posts doesn't mean they're all taken down and I want you back. I was just being nice. Please leave me alone and give me the space I asked for."

He may then lose hope and give up on the idea of ​​getting her back.

But here's the thing...

Even if a woman has lost respect, attraction and love for a man to the point where she tries to mess with his head to get back at him, that doesn't mean he can't make her change her feelings.

Feelings change all the time.

For example, think about how your ex went from feeling neutral towards you, to liking you, loving you, and then not loving you anymore.

His feelings literally changed several times.

Again, you can change how she feels the same way.

When you trigger her feelings of attraction to you (e.g., being confident and determined, making her smile, laugh and feel good about interacting with you again, making her feel feminine as opposed to her emotional masculinity and being feminine ), it becomes difficult for her to keep thoughts about you.

She stops messing with her head and starts wondering what it would be like to be in a relationship with the new and improved me.

When that happens, she can't stop interacting with you over text, social media, the phone, and in person, even if she previously thought she was over you.

She is attracted to you, and from there, you can develop that initial spark of attraction and confidently bring her back into a relationship with you.

3 social media mistakes to avoid

When a woman likes your posts on social media, it is very difficult to determine her exact intentions.

Of course, you can speculate, but you will probably never know the exact truth.

So it's usually better to move on and focus on rekindling her feelings for you than wasting time trying to figure out what she really means.

Some people make a mistake by making some of the following mistakes:

1. Analyzing your actions on social media

Sometimes a guy follows his ex's every move online to understand her feelings for him.

He hopes that she can say or do something that clearly tells him that she still cares for him.

For example: A woman might post comments on social media like:"Sunday nights are the loneliest"or"I'm having a lot of fun these days."

He can then read her comments and wonder"What did she mean by that comment? Could she be implying that she wants to come back because she feels lonely without me?or"If she's happy being single, I probably don't have a chance with her anymore, right?"

If she clicks on one of his posts on Facebook, continues to follow him on Twitter or Instagram, or watches his videos on Snapchat, he might start to wonder what it all could mean.

he could tell himself"She clicked the 'like' button. Does that mean she's interested?or"She watched my video. Does that mean she misses me?or,“She didn't like this/that photo, what does that mean? Is it because she didn't like the photo or because she doesn't like me anymore?"

But here's the thing...

You will go crazy trying to understand what your ex means when she likes your social media posts.

You need to forget what she wants to say and instead focus on making her feel respect and attraction for you again.

That's what really matter.

She might be clicking like this right now, but that doesn't mean she has strong feelings for you or that she's sitting at home thinking:"I'm so glad we're apart. I hate him. I want nothing to do with him."

Your click, follow or view of your social media activity can mean a number of things, but what really matters is this...

Is she attracted to you?

Does she feel a growing desire to get back together with you?

When you call and meet her, do you know what to say and do to get her back?

Are you just wasting precious time giving her lots of space and hoping she'll come back?

If you don't do much to actively get her back and just wait for her to contact you through social media, texts, or calls, you could wait too long and she could move on without you.

Alternatively, if you call her and reactivate her feelings for you by making her laugh, smile, and feel good about talking to you again, it doesn't matter what she really means by your type of post, because she will feel attracted to you immediately.

Her alertness will go down and she will be open to meeting you in person where you can really get her back.

Another mistake to avoid is…

2. Post things that turn them off

For example: a guy might post"feel sorry for me"Insert posts or status updates to get their attention.

He might post a status update like:“It was a tough year for me. I never thought love was so complicated."or"What do women want? I have no idea. Maybe I'm doomed to be single for life!"

he can wait"When she sees how hurt I am, she will regret the way she treated me. She will then come back to me to apologize and we can get back together."

Another example is when a man uses social media to complain about women, relationships, and complain about his life in general.

Again, he may be hoping his ex will pick up on his state of mind and feel bad about what happened or how she treated him.

But that's not how it usually works.

A woman does not want to be with a man out of pity or guilt.

Rather, she wants to be with him because he's good to be around (i.e., she respects him, she's sexually attracted to him, she loves him).

So when a guy tries to get his ex's pity on social media instead of making him think,"Awww, my ex really hurts. I'm such a slut to him. I should call him and see if we can work things out between us."She usually just blocks him from her social media accounts and tries to move on.

Another mistake guys make is...

3. Post pictures of yourself

This is the most common mistake men make when trying to win a woman back.

He will want to show his ex that there are no other women or people in his life and that he is basically sitting around waiting for them.

However, women are not attracted to men's loneliness and despair.

Women are attracted to men who are liked by others and who have the confidence to enjoy life, with or without them.

So if you act like you're patiently waiting for her and nothing else is going on in your life, it won't help you get her back.

Important: Don't just post pictures of yourself doing fun things by yourself (eg taking your first flying lesson, going to the beach by yourself, taking pictures of your meals).

She needs to be able to see you around other people to believe that you're not just sitting around feeling lonely and sad without her.

This really makes a difference and allows a woman to relax and open up to her man again instead of fearing that he is obsessed with her and needs her back ASAP.

Also, some people think that just posting pretty pictures of themselves will be enough.

He will assume that if he is physically good his ex will be jealous and worried about losing him to another woman.

He hopes she's thinking something like:“Wow, my ex is really handsome. I'm sure now he has women who want to date him. I better get in touch with him right away before another woman grabs him and I lose him forever."

But instead of being jealous, your ex is usually uncomfortable with your lonely poser photo.


She must be wondering why he is alone.

Why is he not among others? People don't like him now because he lost a lot of confidence after being dumped? Has he lost his social confidence after being dumped and can't muster up the courage to go out and have fun? Is he lost without her?

Having such thoughts about him will cause her to lose even more respect and attraction for him.

So what should you do instead of posting lonely pictures of yourself trying to look your best?

Focus on really having fun in your life and posting pictures on social media for her to see (e.g. having fun with friends or other women, travelling, doing something daring like bungee jumping, going on a day trip with friends, celebrating with friends, try a new outdoor activity with friends).

Note: If your ex unfriends you from Facebook, make sure you set the photos to"public"so she can still see them from the outside.

I've helped hundreds of men get their wives back, and I've found that just being with other people (as opposed to being alone) and showing her you're happy without her is usually enough to contact them or be open to meeting them in person. .

However, if she notices that you are alone all the time or that nothing special or new is happening in your life, she will be worried that if she starts dating you or shows too much interest in you, you will desperately try to get her back. Phone call.

Make it happen before it's too late

Sometimes a man can waste a lot of time waiting for clear and obvious signs from his ex that she is interested in getting back together.

For example: He might say to himself:"I know my ex liked my social media posts, but what if she just does it to be nice? I need to make sure she 100% wants to get back together before I risk contacting her. I don't want to jump to conclusions and then realizing I was wrong. That will be humiliating. So I'll wait and see what happens. I'm sure at some point she's going to give me a really obvious sign that she wants me back and I'm going to make my move."

Unfortunately, most women don't.

In most cases, when a woman is open to the idea of ​​getting back together with her ex, she doesn't tell him that she wants him back or give him a clear signal because she doesn't want to seem too easy.

She also wants to see what kind of man he is (i.e. does he have the balls to get her back even if she isn't giving him 100% clear signs?)

If her ex doesn't have the confidence to just pick up the phone and set up a meeting with her, she will usually move on and forget about him rather than trying to help him through the process of getting his ex back.

So, if you want to get your ex back, you have to be emotionally brave enough to contact her, get to know her and start the ex-back process instead of waiting for her signs that she wants you back. return.

The sooner you call her and reactivate her feelings of respect and attraction for you, the sooner she'll be back in your arms.

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