Unlocking Success with UX & Business Design at WSE Kraków (2023)

In the dynamic landscape of today's business world, mastering User Experience (UX) and Business Design is not just a choice; it's a strategic imperative. At WSE Kraków, our unique program, UX & Business Design, stands out as a beacon for those eager to navigate the challenges of the industry successfully. Let's delve into the distinctive features that make our program a game-changer.

Why Choose UX & Business Design at WSE Kraków?

Innovative Learning Approach

Embark on a journey of experiential learning, where the majority of sessions take the form of interactive workshops. Guided by renowned experts in UX and Product Design, our students gain insights and hands-on experience through practical scenarios, preparing them for real-world challenges.

Interdisciplinary Excellence

Our faculty comprises seasoned specialists with extensive experience in the UX domain. The curriculum, delivered through interactive methods, cultivates innovative and creative thinking—a crucial skillset for any UX professional.

Small Group Dynamics

Benefit from personalized attention and mentorship in small, focused groups. Our mentor-guided sessions foster an environment conducive to problem-solving, ensuring each student receives tailored support.

Real-world Problem Solving

Experience the thrill of resolving genuine business challenges presented by our collaborating partners. This hands-on approach ensures that our graduates emerge not just as designers but as effective business consultants, ready to influence product and service development.

Cutting-edge Technological Infrastructure

Seamlessly blend theory with practice in our modern facilities equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including laboratories, computer rooms, and creative spaces. We believe in providing the tools necessary for our students to thrive in the digital era.

Educational Objectives: Bridging Theory and Practice

Business-Centric Focus

Our curriculum places a concrete emphasis on tackling real business problems sourced from our industry collaborators. As a student, you'll not only grasp theories related to User Experience but also navigate the entire project process, from research and prototyping to teamwork in project settings.

Versatile Skill Development

Upon completing the program, graduates will possess a comprehensive skill set encompassing the end-to-end process of digital product development. This spans from conceptualization to project work, research, implementation, and optimization.

Target Audience

Our program is tailored for individuals with diverse interests, fostering creativity and a passion for technology. It caters to those aspiring to excel in crafting digital services and products, combining a deep understanding of user experience with a practical business approach.

The UX & Business Design Curriculum: A Strategic Breakdown

Principles of UX

Initiate your UX journey with a foundational understanding of the UX process and its role in business. Gain insights into product creation, the designer's role, and their impact on business outcomes.

UX & Market Research

Acquire essential research methods and tools crucial in product creation. Learn to analyze data and make informed decisions, avoiding common design pitfalls that could affect conversion rates.

Business & UX Strategy

Delve into the realm of UX strategy and the broader business context in digital product creation. Develop agility in management methods, build business models, and craft strategies that harmonize entrepreneurship with creative expertise.

Design & Prototype

Master the art of building prototypes, visualizing processes, and designing interactions. This module imparts a robust knowledge base in best practices for project design.

Workshops & Problem Solving

Engage in practical sessions and collaborative projects under the guidance of mentors. Solve real-world problems, honing your skills through hands-on workshops in partnership with our business affiliates.

Student Profile: Shaping Future UX Leaders

For Beginners

For those starting their UX journey, our program provides a unique opportunity to grasp the entire project process. It's a comprehensive introduction to the world of UX.

For Industry Professionals

Professionals already in the field benefit by systematizing and solidifying their knowledge. The hybrid approach of blending design with business equips them to understand business needs better.

Organizational Information: Study Structure, Timings, and Evaluation

Study Duration

The program spans two semesters, totaling 192 hours. Approximately 50% of classes are conducted online, fostering flexibility, while the rest are held on-site.

Class Schedule

Classes occur bi-weekly on weekends, allowing for optimal knowledge exchange among students. Our emphasis on in-person sessions minimizes online class instances to enhance engagement.

Evaluation Criteria

To earn a postgraduate diploma, active participation in sessions, preparation for workshops, completion of off-session tasks, successful workshop and semester test completion, and the creation and defense of a digital product prototype are mandatory.

Admissions: Your Gateway to Excellence

Application Process

Our online recruitment process streamlines your journey. Required documents include your PESEL number, personal information, a scanned copy of your undergraduate degree, and proof of application fee payment.

Key Dates

The current recruitment phase has concluded. For queries, contact us at podyplomowe@wse.krakow.pl or call 12683 24 75.

Payment Details

The application fee is 300 PLN, payable to the bank account provided during the online application process. In case of non-acceptance, the fee is fully reimbursed.

Promotional Discounts

Graduates of WSE Kraków, SWPS University, Collegium da Vinci (CDV), or the former WSNHID are exempt from the application fee. This promotion extends throughout the 2023/2024 academic year.

Faculty: Nurturing Excellence

Meet our dedicated mentors, each bringing a wealth of experience to guide you through your UX & Business Design journey.

  • Jan Bińczyk
  • Bartosz Dobrowolski
  • Ewelina Szczepaniak-Wenting
  • Grzegorz Knapik
  • Grzegorz Krztoń
  • Kalina Tyrkiel
  • Łukasz Czajka
  • Michał Musioł
  • Paulina Walkowiak
  • Paulina Wróblewska
  • Piotr Śliwa
  • Piotr Źrołka

Connect with Us: Your Future Awaits

For further inquiries, reach out to the Center for Postgraduate and Training Studies at WSE Kraków:

  • Location: Al. Jana Pawła II 39A, Room 201A, 31-864 Kraków
  • Phone: (12) 683 24 75
  • Email: podyplomowe@wse.krakow.pl

Embark on a transformative journey with UX & Business Design at WSE Kraków, where excellence meets innovation, and the future of digital experience unfolds.


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