SPSS Statistics - Powerful statistical software (2023)

SPSS is a modular software for evaluating, analyzing and collecting statistical data. This comprehensive program is the clear market leader in social and market or opinion research. Anyone expecting a very complex usage is wrong. As versatile as SPSS is, it's also easy to use. SPSS is used by leading companies, government agencies and academic institutions around the world and enjoys a correspondingly high reputation.

Arguments for SPSS:

  • A leader in market and opinion research
  • Many plugins provide highly specialized functionality
  • Excellent choice for creating complex tables

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SPSS statistical library for Windows, Mac and Linux
Solve business and research problems with SPSS, a statistical and data management software package for analysts and researchers, for Windows, Mac and Linux

SPSS provides you with extensive capabilities for the entire analysis process. With SPSS, you can quickly generate decision-making information using powerful statistical functions, understand and effectively present your results with high-quality tables and graphical results, and share your results with others using a variety of reporting methods, including secure publishing on the Web. result of The results of data analysis enable you to make smarter decisions faster by uncovering key facts, patterns and trends. The optional server edition offers enterprise-class scalability, additional tools, security and improved performance
You can use SPSS for Windows in a number of areas, including:

  • Surveys and market research and direct marketing
  • academic community
  • Management Research, Human Resources and Resource Planning
  • Medical, scientific and social science research
  • planning and forecasting
  • quality improvement
  • Reference and Interim Decisions
  • Enterprise Analytics application development

In particular, apply SPSS statistical software to gain a deeper understanding of the behavior, attributes and attitudes of people - your customers, employees, students or citizens.
SPSS for Windows® is a modular, fully integrated, full-featured product line. Together with related IBM products, it provides capabilities for all phases of the analysis process. The Java-based interface makes the Windows, Mac, and Linux versions nearly identical.You won't notice any differences between versions!

SPSS Statistical Modules and Extensions

  • SPSS Neural Network:
    Discover more complex relationships in your data using the nonlinear data modeling process.
  • SPSS Exact Test:
    Use a small sample and be sure of the results. If you have a small number of case variables and a high response rate in a category, or if you need to subdivide your data into finer segments, traditional testing may not be right. SPSS Exact Tests eliminates this risk.
  • SPSS Advanced Statistics:
    It provides powerful multivariate modeling techniques such as Generalized Linear Models (GENLIN), Generalized Estimating Equations (GEE), Linear Mixed Models, Variance Components, General Linear Models (GLM), ANOVA, MANOVA, ANCOVA, MANCOVA, Kaplan-Meier-Estimation, Cox - Regression, hilog-linear, log-linear and survival analysis procedures.
  • SPSS Statistical Programming Extension:
    Extend the functionality of SPSS Statistics by adding new procedures written in external programming languages ​​such as Python, R, Java, and .NET versions of Microsoft Visual Basic
  • SPSS Review:
    It provides logistic regression, probit analysis and general nonlinear regression.
  • Custom SPSS table:
    Efficient presentation of data in tables, advanced statistics using crosstabs and more.
  • SPSS Direct MarketingIt helps you understand your customers more deeply, improve your marketing campaigns and maximize the ROI of your marketing budget.
  • SPSS Federation:
    for joint analysis.
  • SPSS class:
    Predict outcomes and uncover relationships in categorical data. Optimal scaling techniques for categorical data (correspondence analysis, non-linear principal component analysis, multidimensional scaling...).
  • SPSS forecast:
    Improve forecasting using time series analysis, including multiple curve fitting and model smoothing methods and autoregressive function estimation. Expert Modeler automatically determines the Autoregressive Integral Moving Average (ARIMA) or Exponential Smoothing model that best fits your time series and its independent variables. electronic network.
  • Missing values ​​in SPSS:
    It allows you to examine data to discover patterns of missing data, then estimate summary statistics and impute missing values ​​using statistical algorithms.
  • SPSS data preparation:
    Efficient data preparation, cleaning and validation
  • SPSS Decision Tree:
    Better identification of groups in SPSS statistics.
  • SPSS Composite Sample:
    Composite samples help market researchers, opinion pollsters, and social scientists draw more effective statistical inferences by integrating sample design into survey analysis.

More information:

desktop system

Windows®Mac® OS XLinux®
further requestSuper VGA (800x600) or higher resolution display
To connect to SPSS Statistics Base Server, you need a network adapter for the TCP/IP network protocol
Internet Explorer
Super VGA (800x600) or higher resolution display
Internet browser: Mozilla Firefox
Super VGA (800x600) or higher resolution display
Internet browser: Mozilla Firefox
operating systemWindows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 (32-bit/64-bit)Mac OS X 10.7 (32-bit/64-bit), Mac OS X 10.8 (64-bit only!)Debian 6.0 x86-64, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 5 Desktop, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) Client 6 x86-64:
  • Linux Kernel (64-bit) 2.6.28-238.e15 or later
  • FORTRAN version libgfortran.so.3
  • C++ version libstdc++.so.6.0.10
minute, thin. ProcessorIntel or AMD-x86 processor 1 GHz or higherIntel processor (32-bit/64-bit)Intel or AMD-x86 processor 1 GHz or higher
minute, thin. frame1 GB RAM +1 GB RAM +1 GB RAM +
disk spaceminute, thin. 800MBminute, thin. 800MBminute, thin. 800MB

server system

SPSS Statistics Server
further requestFor Windows, Solaris PC: Network adapter with TCP/IP network protocol
For z-PC system: OSA-Express3 10 Gigabit Ethernet, OSA-Express3 Gigabit Ethernet, OSA-Express3 1000BASE-T Ethernet
operating systemWindows Server 2008 ή 2012 (64 bit), Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (32/64 bit), SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 και 11 (32/64 bit)

Details can be found in the following PDF documents:SPSS Statistics Server 22 System Requirements

minute, thin. Processor
minute, thin. frame4 GB RAM +
disk spaceAbout 1 GB is used for installation. Double the amount may be required.

new function

  • SPSS Statistics Extension Center
    The Extension Center is a new interface for managing extensions. It contains an app store that enables the following features:
    • Easily search, download, and update free product extensions based on SPSS, Python, or R syntax.
    • Easily find and download new extensions.
    • Get updates on existing extensions.
    • Remove installed extensions.
    • Displays properties of installed extensions.
  • SPSS Statistics Custom Dialog Builder for extensions
    Now, it's even easier than ever to create and share extensions based on R, Python, and SPSS syntax to suit your personal needs:
    • Create extensions faster thanks to an updated interface
    • Easy Share extension (double click to install)
    • Access new control options and new features for existing controls
    • Various new options for dialog placement in the menu
  • Smarter data management
    In SPSS Statistics, the import and export process of the most commonly used file types is modified by accurate calculation of variable types. Here is a list of some new features:
    • Import and export files faster with revised Excel and CSV functionality
    • Formats a column's data according to a specified percentage of values ​​within the same format
    • Ignore hidden rows and columns in Excel
    • Remove leading and trailing spaces from string values
    • Specify the worksheet name when writing the Excel data file
    • Add named sheets to existing Excel workbook
    • Write variable IDs instead of variable names in Excel files
    • More flexibility when reading text files, e.g. Automatic detection of data formats and better handling of dates and times
    • Extract ID values ​​to the database
  • Improvements to custom SPSS tables
    In SPSS Statistics, some new features have been added to the SPSS Custom Tables module:
    • Effective case basis for weighted sample results
    • Evaluation of the new confidence interval and statistical standard errors
    • Key test results can be included in the main table
    • Displays significance values ​​for column means and proportion tests for column values
    • Additional debugging correction methods for multiple comparisons
  • additional improvements
    • Access to extensions and forums for the SPSS community
    • Welcome screen with links to the community and license manager
    • Multi-threaded control of the client screen
    • new desktop look
    • "Restore to Saved" function.
    • supports Python 3
    • NAÏVE BAYES and SELECT PREDICTORS have been added to the base version (so far these functions are only available on the server)
    • New date and time format
    • show zeros
    • Variable symbols in the data editor
    • Updated variable view
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