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Mother/Wife Fault - January 2023 Babies | Forums | What to expect (1)

January 2023 babies



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I'm usually the active type of person, I never sit down and I'm always busy. this pregnancy has been kicking my butt. Every time I turn around I get a yeast infection. or am I just exhausted from the life of growing up or my job as a primary school teacher. I find it very difficult to balance being pregnant with baby number 2, being a mother to my first, and being a good wife to my husband. he's been great to understand, but he's definitely not that connected to me. How selfish is it for me to say that? he is doing everything for our daughter while I rest; of course, he is also exhausted. I want to enjoy my spare time and spend time with my daughter, but it's a lot of climbing up and down the floor, she wants to jump on my tummy hahaha, and her sleep schedule is totally up to her. (she is blind and has always had a terrible dream) this is really a rant about how i can't handle it all and feel so guilty.
Do any other moms feel like they need to rest excessively and are missing out on the life around them?


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I have 3 other children, the youngest is 1. My husband has a very physically demanding job and of course I feel horrible asking him for help, but these last few weeks of pregnancy have been very difficult. My body aches non-stop which makes parenting very difficult so when he comes home I usually ask him to help me with everything. I don't feel much guilt because they are also his children and he loves them. But I had to give up a LOT this season and that helped with my expectations. Just know that it's a short season and you'll get used to the new normal once the baby is born.

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I understand clearly! my husband is the new stay-at-home dad, so he feels like he needs a break, but i'm so exhausted he doesn't help me much. And when baby number two arrives, I know that sleeping in and being a newborn mom again will be a lot, especially with a toddler!

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Mother/Wife Fault - January 2023 Babies | Forums | What to expect (2)

sweet mama son

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I feel like my fiancé has pretty much taken over the kids duty, mine just turned 2 and is going through terrible sleep regression, my last day at work was last Thursday thank goodness! I feel bad for my 9 year old son who had to be a little more independent than I would have liked in general. things will really change, oh the woes of motherhood

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I'm pretty sure on Feb 6th but the c-section is due on Jan 30th so I'll wait longer in this group hahaha seems like forever!

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I am completely sorry! I have a VERY busy 2 year old and he is a momma's boy. Which I love, but especially this last quarter has been very hard. I am in Canada and we have a VERY GENEROUS maternity leave. So I was gone for 18 months with him, went back to work for 8 months, and then started my maternity leave for this baby in early December. December has been the most exhausting month ever and I am VERY guilty for not being able to physically do everything he wants to do. I talked to my husband about it and he is very kind and supportive and he just says to focus on the things that I can do. I also think that playing on the floor is very uncomfortable/painful, so we did a lot of things that weren't on the floor. We made lots of Christmas treats, did crafts/coloring at the dining room table, and played on the couch so Mom would be more comfortable while we played. Also, the best decision we made (mainly because we needed the crib for the new baby) was to put him on a twin bed, so for naps and bedtime (and every time he wakes up at night) we just lay down with the. bed and she is much more comfortable

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First of all, I need to move to Canada for maternity leave! I work to care for another 20 children in families, but I do not receive paid maternity leave. only they can't fire me for 3 months....
it's harder because my 2-year-old daughter is blind, so she's not interested in much of what sighted kids are about! she loves music and lights. coloring and making things is not your thing. she is in the bed of the child now from the cradle of her that became her. I want to buy her a new bed, but something that she will fit in the room with the new baby.

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My husband has taken full control of our 15-month-old son. In addition to being super pregnant, I've also been sick. I just can't help as I would like.

You are about to bring a human being into this world and you will ultimately NOT get pregnant; you'll be critical to the operation at that point. Lol and her husband will be used to lending an extra hand by now.

Not all of us can do this alone and we are so close to it!

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Mother/Wife Fault - January 2023 Babies | Forums | What to expect (3)


My husband also practically took care of the housework and the children. i'm literally exhausted

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