Learn Spanish: 10 Free Online Spanish Courses (2023)

Online lessons are a great start to learning vocabulary and grammar. But for most, beginner Spanish lessons won't provide enough listening and speaking practice to prepare you for real-life conversations.

Conversational practice is essential to building confidence in the language and is the only way to become fluent.

Well, we're going to share some great Spanish lessons in this article, but remember there's nothing like a Spanish immersion course or a one-on-one productivity lesson. Experienced teachers can tailor lessons just for you so you can start speaking from day one - building conversation skills and fluency faster.

If you want to speak Spanish like a native, learn from native speakers. A native speaker will help you tune your ears to a particular dialect, including pronunciation, pronunciation and vocabulary.

So you decided to learn Spanish? Whether you're a complete beginner or looking to improve your Spanish skills, you can find a great selection of online Spanish courses for you.

But which one will help you achieve your Spanish goals? We've scrutinized the best online Spanish courses to find out which ones stand out in terms of pricing, course selection and effectiveness.

Here's our pick of the best online Spanish courses.

1.living language

Thanks to our expert teachers, personalized lessons and immersive online learning, Live Lingua stands out as the best Spanish language learning program.

Your instructor will guide you through the most important vocabulary and grammar. At the same time, you'll dive right into the conversational exercises that make immersion courses so effective.

One-to-one tutoring sessions with native Spanish speakers means you'll get the practice you need to quickly deliver presentations at a working level. Once you're matched with a teacher, they'll customize the course to fit your specific needs and learning style.

Whether you're studying Spanish to prepare for travel, an advanced certification or a career goal, your teacher will create a personal plan and guide you through it.

take usFree 5 Minute QuizIt helps you understand how to learn best and connects you with resources to make the most of your language learning style.

Linguist on site

  • Certified Spanish speaking teachers
  • Free Introductory Course
  • 1:1 distance course
  • It fits your schedule and pace
  • Matching teachers based on learning style, Spanish level and goals
  • Custom design
  • Great for beginners and advanced

Disadvantages of living language

  • Rate depends on your commitment
  • 30 minutes to 2 hours per session

Learn more about Live Lingua


Learn Spanish: 10 Free Online Spanish Courses (2)

The popular Duolingo app, compatible with iOS and Android devices, offers free English-speaking learning courses in more than 34 languages, including Spanish.

This app is best for those who want to learn a language or study as a supplement, as it is unlikely to make you fluent.

Users love Duolingo's simple, gamified structure. After completing the course, you will earn trophies to unlock the next set of modules. Each unit covers a topic such as grammar (reflectiveness, imperfect tenses) or topic (art, food).

As you progress, you'll practice vocabulary, pronunciation, reading and writing. You can upgrade to a subscription with a monthly subscription, which gives you access to premium features such as offline courses.

Advantages of Duolingo

  • free to use
  • Easy to use anywhere
  • Spanish podcasts
  • interesting course structure

Cons of Duolingo

  • Teaching basic language skills
  • no one to one lessons
  • no human interaction
  • Ads in free version

3.Editing X

Learn Spanish: 10 Free Online Spanish Courses (3)

edX is an online provider of open source programs from institutions such as MIT and Harvard. Their website offers some free Spanish lessons that are great as an introduction to the Spanish language.

Their Spanish courses for beginners are offered by La Universidad PolitÓ©cnica de Valencia, starting with car lessons. It takes about seven weeks to learn Spanish everyday conversation and verb conjugation.

The second 4-week course will cover Spanish vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and sentence structure.

Plus, you can sign up for a Spanish-American travel course, perfect for travelers in Spanish, including how to order food, ask for directions, what to say in an emergency, and more.

edX Professionals

  • learn at your own pace
  • Free online Spanish lessons
  • travel lesson
  • great for beginners

edX Cons

  • Not suitable for premium speakers
  • limited course options

4.rocket spanish

Learn Spanish: 10 Free Online Spanish Courses (4)

Rocket Spanish offers advanced online language courses for those who want to improve their Latin American conversational Spanish skills. Here's the main draw: Rocket Spanish starts by honing the most critical vocabulary and grammar.

You'll start with interactive audio lessons to develop language listening and practice pronunciation. Their online Spanish courses also include cultural studies to understand the art, music, and history of the Spanish-speaking world.

Each lesson ends with a Rocket Booster test to reinforce learning as you go. Earn points and badges along the way to help you stay motivated as you learn virtual Spanish.

RocketSpanish Pro

  • free trial
  • interactive learning
  • relationship between quality and price
  • 60 day money back guarantee
  • 6 month payment plan

RocketSpanish Cons

  • no free plan
  • best for beginners
  • No one-on-one online Spanish lessons

5.Coursera Spanish

Learn Spanish: 10 Free Online Spanish Courses (5)

Coursera offers open source university courses from leading universities and leading experts. With Coursera, you have online access to hundreds of free college Spanish courses for every skill level.

Coursera's offerings include free Spanish courses as well as paid certificate programs. Their programs even include Spanish courses for professionals, such as Rice University's Spanish for Communicating Successfully in Healthcare Settings.

Advantages of Coursera

  • Free online Spanish lessons
  • Paid certification program
  • Special courses for professionals
  • Flexible self-paced learning
  • Lessons at all levels

Disadvantages of Coursera

  • Individual instruction is not always available
  • Some courses require a subscription

6.spanish rosette stone

Learn Spanish: 10 Free Online Spanish Courses (6)

Rosetta Stone Spanish takes an innovative approach to language learning. Their Spanish lessons go beyond the typical classroom structure and include real scenarios, interactive activities and audio. Customers can choose a different Spanish dialect program for Latin America or Spain.

Pay for subscription plans starting at $11.99 or purchase the software for $149 with lifetime access. You can also purchase live online Spanish lessons: $14 or $19 for two 25-minute group lessons and $19 or $29 for two private lessons.

Advantages of Rosetta Stone

  • Spanish courses in Latin America and Spain
  • Interactive activities
  • optional tutorial

Disadvantages of Rosetta Stone

  • no free option
  • repetitive learning structure
  • Additional fees apply for online instruction

7.Spanish VIP

Learn Spanish: 10 Free Online Spanish Courses (7)

If you are looking for a customized method of learning Spanish conversation online, SpanishVIP offers a top online course. Because they host immersion courses in a virtual classroom environment, this could be an attractive option for those who prefer small group learning.

Individual and group lessons take place via Zoom or Skype. Individual lessons start at $129 per month and group lesson subscriptions start at $79 per month for unlimited lessons.

The pricing structure means you pay the same no matter how many courses you take. If you don't take many classes or lessons per week, you may find another class more valuable.

Spanish VIP expert

  • Group and Individual Lessons
  • Perfect for conversational Spanish
  • high customer satisfaction
  • first class free

Spanish VIP Cons

  • no free lessons
  • more commitment is needed
  • Subscription based pricing

8.late spanish news

Learn Spanish: 10 Free Online Spanish Courses (8)

Slow Spanish News is designed to improve your listening skills with radio programs at a speed that matches your level of understanding. Users can improve their listening skills by listening to news programs at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

Full access requires a paid subscription. Free for the first 7 days, then a monthly subscription of $22.90.

In addition, online Spanish resources offer free grammar exploration lessons to improve learning. Explore hundreds of free online Spanish lessons, including conversational, written lessons and quizzes. News and lessons are available in Spanish or Latin American languages.

News for Slow Spanish professionals

  • great for listening comprehension
  • without a teacher
  • A certain level of Spanish is required
  • Hundreds of free lessons
  • affordable membership

News from Slow Spanish Cons

  • limited course options
  • focus on listening comprehension


Learn Spanish: 10 Free Online Spanish Courses (9)

LingoDeer powers a well-designed app that teaches Spanish vocabulary and grammar. Initially, the app focused on Asian languages, but has since expanded its offerings to include Spanish.

Like Duolingo, LingoDeer offers a fun approach to language learning with activities and quizzes that you can complete right from your phone.

Cons: LingoDeer charges a subscription, you get free access to similar content on Duolingo. Sure, you'll improve your vocabulary and grammar to some extent, but LingoDeer doesn't make sense for those who really want to improve their speaking Spanish.

Advantages of LingoDeer

  • Beautiful interface design
  • Cheap
  • variety of learning exercises

Cons of LingoDeer

  • Paid plans only
  • limited speaking and listening practice
  • not individual instruction


Learn Spanish: 10 Free Online Spanish Courses (10)

With Fluencia, you can take online Spanish lessons tailored to your goals. First, Fluencia will assess your goals. You can then create a curriculum tailored to your needs, such as Spanish for Work or Spanish for Travel.

Beyond that, you'll be given a fairly standard curriculum that includes a series of exercises to learn grammar and vocabulary. Overall, Fluencia offers a decent online Spanish course, although it's a pretty bland piece of software that you probably won't care about.

Creep Expert

  • Spanish courses for different goals
  • relationship between quality and price
  • Study on computer or mobile
  • useful grammar lesson

Fluency disadvantage

  • simple design
  • Paid courses only
  • no one-on-one coaching
  • average speech recognition software

Top 10 Free Spanish Lessons from Live Lingua

No list of "best Spanish courses" would be complete without a few free options. We understand that not everyone has the time or budget to take online Spanish lessons with a native Spanish-speaking teacher.

Below you can find free online Spanish lessons directly from the Live Lingua website. They are designed to make language learning accessible to everyone.

1. Spanish Lessons - Volume 1

FSI Spanish Course Volume 1 (of 2) includes a textbook with accompanying recordings and a teacher's manual. This introductory study material is designed for native English speakers who want to master a Spanish style that is neither too formal nor too casual.

The term programmatic means that the course combines elements of self-teaching and programmatic class-style instruction.

Regardless, the instructions for each section are simple and clear introductions that allow anyone to jump in and start learning Spanish.

This course contains 3 e-books and 46 audio lectures

learn more

2. Basic Spanish Course - Volume 1

The FSI Spanish Basic Course - Volume 1 (of 4 volumes) is designed to teach Spanish as a spoken language. Understanding and speaking Spanish is the main goal of this free course.

The course uses another teaching method called Guiles imitation, which focuses on a small amount of material and a lot of repetition to drive knowledge deep into the student. They can then recall the information without much conscious effort.

The Guiles imitation method also emphasizes correct processing of sounds and pronunciation to imitate as closely as possible natural speakers in natural conversation.

Basic Spanish lessons can be used as self-study material, but are best combined with live instruction from qualified teachers.

This course contains 1 eBook and 30 audio lectures

learn more

3. Spanish Enlightenment Courses in Spain

The Spanish Starter Course in Spain is specially designed for your trip to Spain. The course emphasizes the unique cultural characteristics of Spain and how they reflect the languages ​​spoken on the Iberian Peninsula.

The course consists of four units, each of which consists of two to five units that are full individual lessons. Each module includes the following learning activities:

  1. dialogue
  2. chat notes
  3. practice
  4. self-assessment quizzes

This course contains 3 e-books and 13 audio lectures

learn more

4. Spanish Enlightenment Latin American Course

Latin American Spanish is a unique blend of European and indigenous influences. Therefore, the culture and local language may differ from Spain. Latin American Spanish Beginners is designed to reflect these unique language characteristics and better prepare you for your stay in South America, Mexico and the Caribbean.

The course consists of four units, each of which consists of two to five units that are full individual lessons. Each module includes the following learning activities:

  1. dialogue
  2. chat notes
  3. practice
  4. self-assessment quizzes

This course contains 1 eBook and 27 audio lectures

learn more

5. Introductory Spanish Courses in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico, now a US territory, spent four centuries under Spanish rule. This Caribbean archipelago combines features of Spanish-speaking, indigenous, African and North American cultures. This beginner Spanish course will give you an in-depth understanding of the cultural and linguistic differences between Puerto Rico and other Spanish-speaking countries.

The course consists of four units, each of which consists of two to five units that are full individual lessons. Each module includes the following learning activities:

  1. dialogue
  2. chat notes
  3. practice
  4. self-assessment quizzes

This course contains 2 eBooks and 29 audio lectures

learn more

6. Spanish Peace Corps Courses - Paraguay

Originally designed for language training for Paraguayan Peace Corps personnel, this Spanish course will get you up and running faster than many other courses.

Below is an extensive list of topics you will study in the course:

  • Greetings and Personal Identification
  • sharing of personal information
  • family discussion
  • food and meals
  • discuss the weather
  • Give and receive directions and movement
  • describe persons and activities
  • housing
  • clothing items
  • Telephone use and invitations

This course contains 1 eBook

learn more

7. Spanish Course - Modular Basic Course

This material is adapted from the Spanish course of China Foreign Affairs University. However, unlike other courses, this modular Spanish course is designed for a self-taught environment.

Students can perform various tasks and exercises such as Listening Comprehension, Narrative Vocabulary Practice, Reading Comprehension, Translation and more. They can then self-assess their progress using the key included in the accompanying materials.

This course contains 27 eBooks and 133 audio lectures

learn more

8. Spanish Course - SOLT Course: Textbook

SOLT stands for Special Operations Language Training. Specially designed for Special Forces, this course recognizes that language and culture are inextricably linked. Culture is the home of language and the vehicle through which it is transmitted, preserved and created.

Through this course, you will be exposed to the Latin American world and its cultural patterns, which will serve as a tool for a deep understanding of the language and its nuances.

This course will cover the basics of Latin American Spanish and help you improve your Spanish conversation skills. The course is designed to be taught under the supervision of a certified Spanish teacher.

This course contains 6 eBooks and 76 audio lectures

learn more

9. Acquaintance in Spanish and short-term training

Spanish Familiarization and Short-Term Training is an intensive course designed to get you comfortable and conversational in the Spanish language in just a few weeks.

During the course, you will learn the basic phrases and elements of conversation that you will need when living in a Spanish-speaking country.

  • How to introduce yourself and get to know each other
  • how to ask for directions
  • How to buy specific items and order in restaurants
  • How to deal with banks and institutions
  • How to apply for professional services
  • There are many more

This course contains 1 eBook

learn more

10. Spanish Course - Basic Course

The Defense Language Academy Foreign Language Center's Basic Spanish course is designed for adult students looking for an intensive program of study.

The course combines communicative, thematic and task-based activities and also reflects a variety of learning styles and strategies.

Some material is taken directly from Spanish-language newspapers, magazines, news broadcasts, etc. During the course you will listen, read, speak and write various texts and stories and you will be asked to carry out various tasks such as getting the main idea or looking for specific information.

This course contains 6 e-books and 39 audio lectures

learn more

At the end of the day, learning Spanish is an individual journey and looks different for everyone. Some apps, such as Duolingo or LingoDeer, provide effective learning tools to improve language skills in a fun, interactive way.

However, if you really want to learn Spanish effectively, we recommend an immersive one-on-one lesson with a real native speaker like us.

Take the first step and you will finally be able to speak Spanish with ease.

take us freely5 minute quizIt helps you understand how to learn best and connects you with resources to make the most of your language learning style.


Learn Spanish: 10 Free Online Spanish Courses? ›

StudySpanish.com is a language-learning site that offers free courses in Spanish pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, verb tenses, travel help, word of the day, and more. Their free Spanish courses online have three levels.

Is it possible to learn Spanish online for free? ›

StudySpanish.com is a language-learning site that offers free courses in Spanish pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, verb tenses, travel help, word of the day, and more. Their free Spanish courses online have three levels.

What is the fastest way to learn Spanish for free? ›

Free Spanish Learning Apps
  1. Duolingo.
  2. Busuu.
  3. Memrise.
  4. Mondly.
  5. SpanishPod101.
  6. Butterfly Spanish.
  7. Practiquemos.
  8. Tu escuela de español.
May 9, 2023

Is there a 100% free Spanish learning app? ›

Duolingo is one of the most popular Spanish learning apps for a few different reasons: it's free, simple, and fun. To use Duolingo, all you need to do is sign up for an account with your email address or log in if you already have an account.

How can I pass Spanish class without knowing Spanish? ›

10 Tips for Studying Spanish
  1. Ask your teacher questions when you don't understand. ...
  2. Teach a concept to a classmate. ...
  3. Study a section of vocabulary every day. ...
  4. Treat every class exercise like a Spanish quiz. ...
  5. Write down grammar concepts and examples on index cards. ...
  6. Mimic your teacher's Spanish accent and other natives speakers'
Nov 30, 2021

What is the fastest most effective way to learn Spanish? ›

Spanish, like any other language you want to learn, isn't easy, but here are ten sure-fire ways to learn it faster:
  • Sing along to the music. ...
  • Watch Telenovelas. ...
  • Read everything. ...
  • Enhance your commute. ...
  • Translate. ...
  • Find a Spanish-speaking lover. ...
  • Move to Spain! ...
  • Or at least travel to a Spanish-speaking spot (and then practice!)

Are online Spanish classes worth it? ›

Are Online Spanish Classes Worth It? Online Spanish classes are an excellent solution for those wanting to learn the language. Whether you want to become fully conversational or learn enough to get by, there is an online Spanish course to meet your needs and budget.

Is 30 minutes a day enough to learn Spanish? ›

Spanish is one of the most popular languages in the world and can be studied quickly with just 30 minutes of focused practice each day.

How quickly can you realistically learn Spanish? ›

How Many Hours Does it Take to Be Fluent in Spanish? If you start out as a beginner and manage to spend an average of 1 hour per day working on your Spanish, you should be able to reach conversational fluency within 8 – 12 months. That translates to about 250 – 350 hours spent.

Is there a trick to learning Spanish? ›

A good starting place for beginners is to drill the 100 most commonly used words until you can write, speak and comprehend them without effort. One way to encounter these on a regular basis is also to change your phone language to Spanish (or whichever language you're trying to learn).

Is SpanishPod101 really free? ›

Innovative Language 101 is free to download and is available to all users. Free Lifetime Accounts, Basic, Premium and Premium PLUS. Download the App, choose Spanish from the “Choose Your Language” screen and log in to SpanishPod101.

Is the 10 minute Spanish app free? ›

Access to the 10-Minute Spanish application is offered on a subscription basis. In order to use the app's services, you will need to subscribe to any of the available plans. If you choose to subscribe, the payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase.

Is Babbel 100% free? ›

Registration with Babbel is completely free of charge and the first lesson in every course is free to try.

What not to do when learning Spanish? ›

10 Mistakes To Avoid While Learning Spanish
  1. Assuming That the Textbook Knows Best. Even educated people don't always talk according to the rules. ...
  2. Ignoring Proper Pronunciation. ...
  3. Not Learning When To Use Articles. ...
  4. Translating Idioms Word for Word. ...
  5. Always Following English Word Order. ...
  6. Using Pronouns Unnecessarily.
Oct 13, 2019

How can I become fluent in Spanish self taught? ›

  1. It's very easy to feel like learning a language takes an eternity, but it doesn't have to be this way. ...
  2. Spend some time mastering pronunciation. ...
  3. Read graded readers. ...
  4. Watch children's TV shows. ...
  5. Listen to podcasts geared toward Spanish learners. ...
  6. The Berlitz Method. ...
  7. Social media apps in Spanish. ...
  8. Listen to music in Spanish.
Sep 21, 2022

Which Spanish is the hardest to learn? ›

Which Spanish is hardest to understand? Chile, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Cuba, and Andalusia (Spain) are a few of the places considered to speak more difficult Spanish. If you end up learning in those places, fear not! It will make understanding Spanish from elsewhere easier.

Which version of Spanish is easiest to learn? ›

If you're a new Spanish learner, Latin American Spanish is by far the best dialect to study. With its clear accents and slower pronunciation, Latin American Spanish is ideal for beginners.

What is the best free app to learn Spanish? ›

Duolingo is the fun, free app for learning 40+ languages through quick, bite-sized lessons. Practice speaking, reading, listening, and writing to build your vocabulary and grammar skills.

How many hours a day should I spend learning Spanish? ›

Aim to spend at least an hour a day practicing basic conversation skills. Once you've reached a intermediate level, you can start studying grammar and vocabulary for two or three hours a day. If you're already proficient in Spanish and just want to keep your skills sharp, an hour of practice each day should suffice.

How many hours a week should I learn Spanish? ›

The bottom line. If you start out as a beginner and spend an average of 1 hour per day working on your Spanish, you should able to reach conversational fluency within 8 – 12 months. That translates to roughly 250 – 350 hours of time spent.

Is it better to learn Spanish online or in person? ›

For many adults, the best way to learn Spanish is by taking communicative online classes. Despite the distances separating one another, participants in online Spanish classes can feel engaged and connected. The instructor uses an interactive student-centered methodology in the best Spanish classes.

Is Duolingo completely free? ›

Learning a language on Duolingo is completely free, but you can remove ads and support free education with Super.

Is Babbel free online? ›

Registration with Babbel is completely free of charge and the first lesson in every course is free to try. (Depending on the language you choose, that's 30-80 free lessons!)

How can I teach myself Spanish online? ›

  1. Rosetta Stone: Best learn Spanish online course overall. ...
  2. Duolingo: Best value Spanish learning software. ...
  3. Rocket Languages: Best for audio learning. ...
  4. Babbel: Best for busy people. ...
  5. Mondly: Best for travel and phrases. ...
  6. 6. News In Slow Spanish: Best for intermediate learners. ...
  7. Fluenz: Best Spanish learning software for travel.
Mar 11, 2022


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