How to replace a tempered glass screen protector (2023)

How to replace a tempered glass screen protector (1)

If you have a crack in your tempered glass screen protector, it's done its job. Took the lumps so your iPhone or iPad screen didn't need it. Once a tempered glass screen protector cracks, it's exponentially less effective - you should replace it. How to replace yours to keep your iPhone or iPad screen well protected.

Remove your old tempered glass screen protector

There are a few ways to remove a broken tempered glass screen protector, and which method to use will depend on how well the protector is attached to the screen.

Before starting, use a hair dryer on the screen for about 15 seconds on low. This should heat up a bit and loosen the screen protector adhesive. Don't overdo this part.

Method 1

Before you grab your toolkit and start working on your iPhone or iPad like it's one of Frankenstein's creations, try removing the screen protector with your fingernail.

  1. First, try lifting the screen protector at each corner. One of them must give!
  2. Once you start to peel, stop pulling in the corner and keep moving along the guard as you begin to peel. This will help keep it from falling apart before you take it off completely.
  3. Pull slowly and evenly; Otherwise, you will have to clean a puzzle made of tempered glass pieces.

Method 2

  1. Try to lift one of the corners with a toothpick. Make sure the sharp point is pointing up on the screen protector and not down on the screen.
  2. Once you can lift a corner, drag with your fingers and drag again slowly and steadily.
  3. If possible, place a credit card in the slot and slowly slide it up to lift the screen protector.

Method 3

Try Duct Tape!

  1. Wrap a piece of tape around two fingers, sticky side out.
  2. Start at one corner and press the tape into it and slowly roll away from one corner. I hope the tape sticks to the screen protector and you can pull it off and remove it.

Applying your new tempered glass screen protector

We hope it's been a long time since you've had to put on a tempered glass screen protector, so forgive us for forgetting. As well as removal, there are some installation methods that vary by brand and style.

Either way, make sure your hands are clean so you don't leave any residue, dust, or dirt on your iPhone or iPad screen. This can cause bubbles under the screen protector.

dry mountm

This method is for tempered glass screen protectors that don't come with a bottle of solution.

  1. Clean your phone screen with aalcohol padwhen the protector came with one. Otherwise, use alint free microfiber cloth.
  2. Hold the screen protector and peel off the filmsticky side.
  3. Align them very carefully.Screensaverwith your iPhone or iPadBodies, make sure to line up the home button, headphone jack and camera holes.
  4. Slowly put theScreensaveron your canvas, starting at one end and carefully working your way to the other.
    • Use a credit card or other application tools that come with your protector to ensure it applies evenly and without bubbles.
  5. flatten everythingblowwith a credit card or the installation card that came with the screensaver.
    • Start in the center and use short strokes to slide the bubbles to the edges of the screen. If you press and hold, just spread the bubble under the screen protector. You can also use a microfiber cloth for this.
  6. remove thatFilmfrom the top of your screensaver. This should show a completely clean screensaver.


This method is for tempered glass screen protectors that come with a bottle of spray solution (usually alcohol) for easy installation. Some people prefer to apply screen protectors this way as it reduces static and prevents dust and hair from getting under the screen protector.

  1. wash yourIphoneorthe iPad screenUse the spray and a soft cleaning cloth.
  2. Spray the front and back of theScreensaver, generously with the spray. This will prevent it from drying out during installation.
  3. put theScreensaveron your iPhone or iPad screen.
    • Balance one tip on the canvas and slowly apply from one tip to the other using a credit card or the palm of your hand.
  4. Use oextractorwhich comes with built-in tempered glass screen protectors to squeeze out excess solution under the screen protector.
    • Start in the middle and gently push it towards the edges. Be sure to hold the shield so it doesn't move.
  5. Let it dry for at least half an hour. If you put a case on your iPhone or iPad, wait at least a few hours. This will stop the screen protector from shifting and allow it to fully adhere to your screen.

Keep in mind that during installation you may need to re-wet the screen protector. It can be a lot of work to line everything up correctly and you may have to reapply the spray a few times. Just be patient and careful.

Always remember that you should replace your tempered glass screen protector if it has holes or tears, even small ones. Glass has a habit of turning small cracks and indentationsHauptdefects.

Unsere Top-Equipment-Picks

How to replace a tempered glass screen protector (2)for iPhone XS

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Spigen tempered glass screen protector

Spigen is another popular brand of smartphone accessories, and you might even have some Spigen cases on hand for your new iPhone Xs. It offers long-lasting protection for your iPhone XS while resting safely in the Spigen case of your choice. Includes installation wings for easy attachment, and you get two for good measure.

How to replace a tempered glass screen protector (3)For iPhone XS Max

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amFilm tempered glass screen protector

amFilm is a popular brand of high quality screen protectors that are also prepared for the iPhone XS Max. You can get a 3-pack of amFilm screen protectors for $8 on Amazon, and they're tough and durable like previous products. It comes with everything you need to make sure the installation goes smoothly, and you get two spares in case something goes wrong.

How to replace a tempered glass screen protector (4)For iPhone XR

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Maxboost tempered glass screen protector

Maxboost's 0.25mm screen protector is super-thin to ensure it doesn't interfere with your iPhone XR's touchscreen capabilities, and its open design means it's case-friendly, so you can slip your phone into its case confidently favorite! Say goodbye to annoying fingerprints thanks to the oleophobic and hydrophobic coating!

additional equipment

Many screen protectors come with their own disassembly and/or assembly kits; However, there are a few things you should never have around the house that can help you through this process.

How to replace a tempered glass screen protector (5)

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MagicFiber Microfiber Cleaning Cloths(opens in new tab) ($9 on Amazon)

It's never a bad idea to have some screen cleaning wipes handy when installing or removing your devices screen protector. Keep fingerprints, dust, and other grime out for a clean, smooth installation.

How to replace a tempered glass screen protector (6)

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Gorilla Tape adhesive tape(opens in new tab) ($5 on Amazon)

As mentioned in the guide above, a little tape can help you remove your old broken screen protector.


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How to replace a tempered glass screen protector (7)

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