Exploring the World of Underground Homes (2023)


In the realm of architectural innovation, a fascinating trend has emerged - the concept of living below the Earth's surface. Beyond conventional housing, underground homes represent a blend of environmental friendliness and avant-garde design. This article delves into the allure of subterranean living, exploring unique underground homes from around the world.

Festus’s Cave House in Missouri

Nestled in the natural beauty of Missouri, Festus's Cave House stands as a testament to harmonizing architecture with the environment. Covering 15,000 square feet, this underground marvel boasts energy efficiency through geothermal heating. The seamless integration with the sandstone cave ensures year-round temperature maintenance without the need for additional climate control.

Teletubby house – Malator in Druidstones, Wales

In Wales, the Malator, aptly named the Teletubby house, captures attention with its organic design following the natural slopes of the terrain. Glass volumes open up to expansive views, creating a light-filled and cozy atmosphere. The floating fireplace adds warmth, making it a distinctive underground haven.

Hidden Houses in Lower Silesia, Poland

In Lower Silesia, Poland, a groundbreaking concept unfolds – hidden houses that straddle the line between hill and sky. The design, still in the rendering phase, features a sculptural presence with one half nestled within the hill and the other reaching skyward. This bold and creative approach promises an extraordinary living experience.

Flower Petals in Bolton, UK

Inspired by the beauty of flowers, the Flower Petals house in Bolton, UK, designed by Gary Neville, showcases an innovative top view resembling flower petals. With 8,000 square feet of space covering four bedrooms, this underground dwelling bathes in natural light, creating a unique living space surrounded by greenery.

The Underground House in Cumbria, England

Designed by John Bodger, the Underground House in Cumbria, England, exhibits simplicity and functionality. Opening up towards the sun, its sloped glass attic and vertical glass wall ensure ample natural light. Surrounded by soil and greenery, this dwelling strikes a balance between modernity and a hermetic connection to nature.

Sedum House in North Norfolk Coast, UK

A spectacular example of almost passive underground living, Sedum House on the North Norfolk Coast, UK, harnesses solar energy, rainwater, and soil insulation for extraordinary thermal efficiency. Nestled in greenery and adorned with natural materials, it epitomizes eco-friendly living with a focus on comfort.

Estate Lattenstrasse in Dietikon, Switzerland

Switzerland hosts the Estate Lattenstrasse, a small residential ensemble known as 'earth houses.' Connected by stairs and encircling a lake, these houses use the ground as a natural shield against the elements. The sculptural design and lush vegetation create a visually stunning and insulated community.

Stone Desert Home in Greece

In Greece, a rectangular Stone Desert Home stands between two hills, efficiently utilizing expansive views and local winds. The home seamlessly integrates with the landscape, offering a well-thought layout and extraordinary thermal efficiency. Its solid design reflects simplicity and functionality.

Cave Dwellings in Kandovan, Iran

Steeped in history, the Cave Dwellings in Kandovan, Iran, date back almost 700 years. Carved into volcanic rock, these dwellings have evolved with carefully crafted windows and doors, providing insulation and controlled ventilation. Despite being half in, half out of the mountain, they offer a remarkable living experience.

Hobbit Home in Vals, Switzerland

Inspired by Tolkien's hobbit dwellings, the Hobbit Home in Vals, Switzerland, strategically uses the natural slope of the terrain. The large cut in the slope bathes the interior in light, offering an outdoor bathtub and breathtaking perspectives. The combination of temperature control and unique design makes it a standout underground residence.

Bad Blumau Hotel in Austria

Designed by architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser, the Bad Blumau Hotel in Austria is a complete underground hotel experience. With 100 rooms seamlessly blending into the natural environment, this hotel emphasizes exterior harmony and interior comfort. The unconventional, organic lines of Hundertwasser's design create a visually striking and comfortable space.

The Brochs of Coigach in Scotland

Set in the tranquil beauty of Scotland, The Brochs of Coigach promises a life-changing experience. Its grassy roof regulates temperature throughout seasons, offering a cool retreat in summer and warmth in winter. Natural materials and breathtaking views define this unique underground abode.

Villa P in Bressanone, Italy

Impeccably nestled in a wine-cultivated slope in Isarco Valley, Villa P in Bressanone, Italy, uses natural materials without disrupting the surroundings. The contemporary blend of parallel walls creates a balanced game between materials, offering an extraordinary living experience throughout the seasons.

Dune House in Atlantic Beach, Florida

A benchmark for underground residences, the Dune House in Atlantic Beach, Florida, envisioned by architect William Morgan, mimics a seashell from the beach. Its distinguishing elements, including a curved staircase and sleeping loft, create a spacious, organic retreat defined by peace and tranquility.

Elf-Inspired Rock Homes in Iceland

Built into a peculiar rock base in the mountains of Eyjafjoll, Iceland, the Elf-Inspired Rock Homes capture the essence of their surroundings. Defined by natural materials and isolation from the mundane, these homes seamlessly integrate with the environment, offering a one-of-a-kind living experience.

Caves in Nottingham, England

Nottingham, known for its lace, caves, and castles, houses over 400 caves that construct a labyrinth of history. From Victorian slums to air raid shelters, these caves provide a glimpse into Nottingham's past, offering heritage and exploration opportunities for travelers.

Nas Montanhas de Fafe in Portugal

Constructed between immense boulders, Nas Montanhas de Fafe in Portugal seamlessly integrates natural materials into its surroundings. The home, while technically above ground, captures the essence of underground living. Its extraordinary integration within the landscape makes it a unique retreat.

Outrail House in Poland

Situated in a green clearing surrounded by forest, the Outrail House in Poland stands as a testament to innovative design. The concept of "carving out" a piece of the grass-covered site and using it as a roof creates a unique living space. With a recording studio and conservatory seamlessly integrated, this home offers a tailored, green haven.

Cuevas del Pino – House Cave in Sacromonte, Spain

A small architectural act in a natural setting, Cuevas del Pino in Sacromonte, Spain, encapsulates the essence of a home encased in a cave. Balanced with modern, rectangular lines, this home maintains the organic naturalness of the cave while introducing an elegant contrast with stark white walls. The result is a beautiful, artistically balanced underground home.


In the realm of real estate, underground homes stand as a niche segment that thrives on uniqueness and simplicity. The closeness to the Earth, coupled with the individuality of each dwelling, makes them extraordinary and difficult to compare. As we explore these underground marvels from around the world, the question arises: Would you be interested in living in an underground house? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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