Disney VIP Tour: Cost and Disney Fast Pass – Hippie in High Heels (2023)

So far, the biggest benefit of being a travel blogger has been being invited byvisit floridato exploredisney worldfor the day on the VIP tour. When I saw that we were going to visit 3 Disney parks in 1 day I was scared at first, but after I found out about the Disney VIP Tour it was the most exciting news ever! You can easily cover all FOUR parks in one day.

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Tips for Visiting Disney World in Orlando, Florida

  • If you haven't booked your flights yet,I recommend Kiwito find the best and cheapest routes. You can also save a little on your flight to really get a VIP experience at Disney World!Check prices here
  • For my non-US readers, always check whether you need a tourist visa or not.I use iVisa for all of this, and will let you know right away if you need one and the cost.
  • Get travel insurance for non-US readers as well. I think America is pretty notorious right now for how expensive a simple ankle sprain can be.See World Nomads for an offer.
  • If you take the VIP tour, you STILL need to purchase Disney Park tickets. You can get discounts if you buy from Undercovertourist.com.buy them hereand check out the different package sale options they offer.
  • Packing Quick Tips:Dress comfortably! It's silly trying to look cute in a flowing dress when you plan on riding a roller coaster. Below are some of my favorite brands:
  • Also, don't forget to protect your skin. After all, Florida is known as the Sunshine State.I always use Sun Bumbecause it is ecological and smells like banana.

A Look Inside the Disney VIP Tour

Of course, private Disney World tours are not for everyone's budget. There is a huge cost involved, but they are booked at around 30 rides a day, so some of you are wondering! I want to share with you the breakdown of the cost of Disney World VIP tickets, as well as the benefits you get, so that you can decide for yourself.

Custo do Disney VIP Tour: “Private Premium”

Tour prices range from $300 to $600 per hour. The guide told me that booking the tour requires AT LEAST 7 hours a day.

Why the hourly rate difference? It is based on seasonal travel. If you go out of season you will get the lowest price and in high season you will get the highest prices. Periods such as spring break, Christmas break and mid-summer may have higher rates. You can call 407-560-4033 to get price quotes for the dates you have in mind.

The tour has a maximum of 10 people.I think that's a very generous number.

Let's break it down.

low season:

You pay a minimum of $400 per hour for a minimum of 7 hours for a total of $2,800. If you had 10 people on your tour,would cost $280 per person. This would be ideal for a family reunion with cousins, aunts and uncles or a two-family outing with a family friend. If you had an average family of four, you'd pay $700 a head. Considering the family of four are kids you're paying for, you might just keep that in your head as $2800 for 7 hours of Disney paradise.

High season:

During the busiest times of the year, you'll pay $600 per hour for a minimum of 7 hours, totaling $4,200. If you had 10 people on your tour,it would cost $420 per person.If you had a family of four, that would be $1,050 a head.

The end result will be: how rich are you? If you could get a group of 10 in the low season and it was a family of 4 INSIDE those 10 people: That's just $1,120 for your family of 4 to take the tour.

You could also organize an off-season bachelorette party for 10 girls, with each girl paying $280.That sure is a lot cheaper than Vegas!

I think it's a great deal considering what you get on a Disney VIP tour.Remember this is the TOUR price only, not the entrance fee - you must ALSO purchase regular park tickets.Buy parking tickets from Undercover Tourist to get the best discounts.Click this link and highlight itwhen you're ready to buy (and be sure to read all package deals to save as much money as possible).


While this article is about the customizable Premium General Disney VIP Tour, it's not your only option.

There are several types of tours you can choose from, with different prices and rules.

For example,the last day for youthVIP tour for familiesit's great for young people who want to see Disney's children's classics (Aladdin, Dumbo...). This tour costs $299 plus tax per person plus purchase of regular tickets, food is included and is offered on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays for a maximum of 7 hours.

there is another callLast day of emotionsIt's the same prices and rules, but the itinerary is for the more adventurous, as you might have guessed.

I'll cover the benefits so you can decide for yourself whether to save up for a tour like this one.

Cost of regular tickets

You must purchase entrance tickets along with your VIP tour. You can set this up when you call to book. Disney is generally not cheap, which most people plan on finding out quickly, and some choose to visit just one park. you can find everythingprices hereand how to get better deals when grouping parks.

July is considered high season. Summer prices will be higher. You MUST get a Park Hopper Pass, but on the website I linked there, if you go to Universal too, you can save a lot by buying the tickets together.

What you need to know before booking:

  • These will fill FAST. In fact, it's so fast, it's shocking they haven't raised prices. You must call them at least 90 days in advance, but some book up to 180 days in advance, which is the farthest date you can book.
  • There is a 7 hour minimum as mentioned and this needs to be done continuously. You can do 7 more lessons the next day.
  • You can extend your minimum 7-hour tour if you wish, and your price is set when you release your guide at the end of the day.
  • Babies count as guests
  • You must cancel a tour 28 hours in advance or pay a fee for the two-hour fare booked.
  • Pay in full when booking.
  • Please bring ID if you are 18 or older and must accompany your children. It's not a daycare!
  • To reserve, call 407-560-4033 or visit theDisney Reservations Center
  • Separate theme park tickets are required for all rides.
  • Food fills up, book in advance.

1. Disney Fast Passes

This is by far the best thing about the VIP tour. But you should know that you don't NEED to be a VIP to get a Disney Fast Pass, and in fact, the cheapest ticket holder still has the chance of three free Disney World Fast Passes. Fast passes aren't just for rides, they'reGet in line to take photos with Disney charactersand front row at concerts.

Disney VIP Tour: Cost and Disney Fast Pass – Hippie in High Heels (2)

Fast Passing is THE COOLEST THING EVER and worth the money alone, especially as I am a rollercoaster lover!

It would also be a big plus if your kids don't have to wait in line to meet their favorite Disney characters, because nowadays, thanks to the freaks, the characters no longer run around the parks to get autographs, they are hidden and you have to wait in line to take a picture with them and an autograph.

People were so obsessed with taking selfies with the characters and pictures of their kids with Mickey for social media that it wasn't safe for the characters. Also, selfie sticks are banned at Disney!

Disney VIP Tour: Cost and Disney Fast Pass – Hippie in High Heels (3)

What is itDisney Fast Pass?

This means that you can enter the "Fast Pass" line, which is like cutting the line. Queues are sometimes very long, so this can be invaluable in saving time. We've ridden roller coasters over and over again without even waiting in line for a fast pass.

If you buy a regular ticket to a Disney park, you can get three fast pass cuts a day, according to my guide. After using the first 3 you can plan to add another one. After using it, you can add another one. If you plan well, you can plan quite a few in one day. You can schedule me to create a Disney account and link your tickets; They only give out so many per day. AllDetails are here.

Download: "My Disney Experience” and plan/book your tickets over the phone.

2. NO planning

The tours are fully customizable if you want to give your opinion, but if you don't know anything about Disney it doesn't really matter. The guide will take you to the best spots. I didn't know anything about Disney, but I saw the best rides and an animal kingdom show, the new attractions at Epcot and explored Hollywood Studios. we wanted to ride themEverest Expeditionthree times and our guide said sure! With the fast pass it only took about 20 minutes.

there are fourDisney parksand two water parks. You can do some research if you like, or just let your guide surprise you. You know where the best places are.

Disney VIP Tour: Cost and Disney Fast Pass – Hippie in High Heels (4)

Disney VIP Tour: Cost and Disney Fast Pass – Hippie in High Heels (5)

Disney VIP Tour: Cost and Disney Fast Pass – Hippie in High Heels (6)

3. Invaluable Disney Tour Guide

These guides know Disney like the back of their hand. If you want to see a lot and there are specific things you can send them ahead of your trip and they will create an itinerary to make sure you see and do everything you want in the order that makes the most sense. They can also tell you all about the characters and tell stories to keep the kids entertained.

Disney VIP Tour: Cost and Disney Fast Pass – Hippie in High Heels (7)

Disney VIP Tour: Cost and Disney Fast Pass – Hippie in High Heels (8)

Disney VIP Tour: Cost and Disney Fast Pass – Hippie in High Heels (9)

Disney VIP Tour: Cost and Disney Fast Pass – Hippie in High Heels (10)

4. Car with air conditioning, without crowds

Not only do you keep your Fast Pass, but the BIGGEST thing that gets you to see more at Disney (and really the only way) is having a huge air-conditioned luxury van to take you around the back of the parks. You literally just hop off and you're behind the tour you want to continue. Enter through the staff doors and stand in line for the tour. You can completely escape the crowds if you don't feel like walking around the park (perfect for you if you're reading this like a celebrity ;) lol jk)

They will also pick you up from your hotel. Upon arrival at Disney's Orlando Airport, you can take a taxi to (and back from) your hotel instead of renting a car. Many hotels provide transport to other attractions and you can imagine this option for savings for your VIP ticket.

Unless you have a VIP tour, you would have to do a lot of research to map the parks, use the Disney trolleys, and know where the bus stops are to go between the parks. Also, waiting for these rides can take a long time and make you a lot more tired.

Disney VIP Tour: Cost and Disney Fast Pass – Hippie in High Heels (11)Jungle Book Show, you can get front row seats, which means these little ones are more likely to be pulled onto the stage.PS this was an AMAZING show! I have tears of joy!

5. Bonus benefits

Your guide will do little things like fetch you water or wait with a guest while the others ride a scary roller coaster.

A guest in my group left his phone on a roller coaster (all Disney rides have places to store your stuff). We were at the Jungle Book show when she noticed it was missing. The guide let her stay and enjoy the show while he took her phone. She brought it back and it was fine!

It's also nice to be shown around by a 'local'. A Disney guide is basically just that: you live and breathe Disney. For someone like me who hasn't been there since I was 6, it was great to be shown around by someone like him!

There are 24 Disney Resorts where you can stay. I recommend staying locally as there is free transportation from Disney hotels. If you take the tour it doesn't really matter as they will come pick you up anyway but it's Disney and you should definitely go oneDisney Resortto get the full experience!

we stayed atB Resort e SpaThis is a luxury/boutique style hotel experience and I can do thatmaximumI recommend. I mean, you NEED Mickey Mouse waffles for breakfast to start. At the time I was there, the basic room price was only $99. All the rooms were spacious (I took a tour) and it's a great deal.

Disney VIP Tour: Cost and Disney Fast Pass – Hippie in High Heels (12)

disney dealsValue-Resorts AsDisney's All Star, Disney's Music, Disney's Movie.They are only $79 a night, which is a pretty fair price.

All Disney resorts offer discounts. Receive free airport pickup and drop-off and free transportation to and from the parks. If you drive there, you can park in the parks for free, which is usually $20 a day. You will receive a "magic tape"and additionally"magic hours“. Click on these links to see what that means (it's really cool).

Do you have a mobile home or want to go camping? MoneyDisney's Fort Wildernessto save more money.

Check out all hotels in and near Disney World

A cheaper VIP option:

After researching online about my upcoming Disney trip, I saw only one outside source that was selling Disney VIP deals. On Viator they have a 6 hour tour for up to 8 people for $900 which, like the tour above, does not include the ticket price (or express passes). It's actually JUST a guide to show you, plan your day in advance, book your meals, and show you around. They also take you and wait 10-15 minutes for the rides. You buy your ticket and let them take over. It's a VIP budget option that may be more "boutique" than sheer luxury, but it's a good deal if all you want is help getting around as the main perk (if there are enough people to share it).See all the details, reviews and book five-star VIP private tours on Viator.

The most luxurious hotels for parents and children:

  1. Four Seasons Resort Orlando:This will give you a view of Cinderella's Castle if you get the right room (and the fireworks). It is the number 2 hotel in the city, it is not in the park, but there is a shuttle service. While super luxurious, it has character, whether it's Mickey Mouse pancakes or with the Disney concierge.Read reviews here.
  2. Animal Kingdom Accommodation:It's all about the kids, but it's not that luxurious unless you're gearing up for the Royal Asante suite.Read reviews here.

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Fix Disney VIP Tour for later!

Disney VIP Tour: Cost and Disney Fast Pass – Hippie in High Heels (13)



How much does Disney pay for VIP tour? ›

The Disney VIP Tour Guide Salary varies depending on several factors, including experience, location, and demand. According to Glassdoor, the average salary for a Disney VIP Tour Guide is around $50,000 per year. However, this can range from $38,000 to $75,000 per year depending on the factors mentioned above.

What does the VIP tour at Disney include? ›

The VIP tour at Disney grants you your own Disney tour guide who'll whisk you from ride to ride without waiting in long lines. In addition to this, you'll also get special access to restaurant reservations and entertainment seating, including fireworks. Disney VIP tours do not include park admission.

Is the VIP pass at Disney worth it? ›

A Private Disney VIP Tour is the best way to experience the most rides in the shortest amount of time. You'll have access to special entrances that bypass the standby lines, so you can easily whisk onto rides.

How many rides can you do on a Disney VIP tour? ›

The Ultimate Disney Classic VIP Tour has guests enjoy 10 of the classic Magic Kingdom attractions. This is a great option for families with small children because all of the attractions do not have a height requirement. The tour is $249 a person and guests must have a valid theme park admission.

Does Disney VIP tour include admission? ›

Separate theme park admission and park reservation are both required to enter a park and for all Disneyland Resort Tours. Park admission is not included in the VIP Tour price. Park reservations will be obtained for Guests with confirmed VIP Tours.

How far in advance can you book a VIP tour at Disney World? ›

Disney VIP Tour Services can be booked up to 90 days in advance. Since tours can fill up during peak times and are booked on a first come, first served basis, we recommend booking as early as possible.

Do Disney VIP tours sell out? ›

Reservations for Disney Private VIP Tours are highly recommended because they are limited and likely to sell out. Guests can make reservations 180 days in advance. The duration of Private VIP Tours must be at least seven continuous hours.

What is the recommended tip for Disney VIP tour? ›

Using the VIP tour guide is such a great use of your time and enhancing the Disney experience in such a way, you will not question the investment. Please do not forget to tip your guide. It is not mandatory but appreciated. 20% is the customary tip for these guides.

How do you get into Club 33 at Disney? ›

Is There a Special Ticket for Club 33? The simple answer is, no, there is not a special ticket you can purchase for Club 33. You must either become a member, have a corporate pass, or hope you have a friend who is a member. The value of a Club 33 membership lies within its exclusivity, privacy and its hospitality.

What does VIP stand for at Disney? ›

Every day at our parks and resorts across the globe, Cast Members strive to personalize Guest experiences and, in turn, make everyone feel special. We call this treating each Guest like a V.I.P., but in this case, V.I.P. stands for Very Individual Person.

Does Disney VIP tour include rise of the resistance? ›

In the latest update, we can confirm that boarding groups for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance are officially included with a VIP Tour at Walt Disney World Resort.

Does Disney have a fast pass? ›

Paid FastPass is officially at Walt Disney World!

Genie+ and Lightning Lanes have debuted, meaning from now on you'll be paying to skip the lines at Walt Disney World. This post covers free vs. paid Fastpass at every Disney park in the world, including how much the paid Fastpass option costs.

Can you have more than 10 people on a Disney VIP tour? ›

How Many People Can Go On a VIP Tour? A VIP Tour can have up to 10 people in one tour group. If you have more than 10 people who want to go on a VIP Tour, you can have multiple groups, but each group of 10 travels separately in vans from park to park and has their own tour guide.

Do celebrities get special treatment at Disney World? ›

Celebrities often enjoy VIP treatment when they visit Disney World.

Can you ride Guardians of the Galaxy with VIP tour? ›

For example, a VIP tour would allow you to ride Rise of the Resistance or Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind without having to go through the trouble of reserving a boarding group, but you will usually only be allowed to ride once.

What time can you book Disney tours? ›

Many of these experiences can be booked 60 days in advance of your vacation at 6:00 AM EST, much like advanced dining reservations.

How early should you reserve Disney World tickets? ›

Theme park reservations typically start to fill up one month in advance but I recommend booking your theme park reservations about 60 days in advance. This will give you some direction when it comes to planning your advance dining reservations, which can be made online up to 60 days in advance.

How much does a Disney plaid cost? ›

Disney VIP Tour Guides are also referred to as “plaids” for the signature vest they wear. Getting a plaid for the day can range from $425 to $750 an hour depending on the time of year. There is a minimum of 7 hours a day and a maximum of 10 guests per plaid.

How much do Disney VIP tour guides make an hour? ›

Walt Disney World Vip Tour Guide Salaries
Job TitleSalary
Walt Disney Company Walt Disney World VIP Tour Guide salaries - 5 salaries reported$22/hr
Disney Parks Walt Disney World VIP Tour Guide salaries - 1 salaries reported$19/hr

How much do you tip housekeeping at Disney? ›

You do not have to tip hotel maids, although US$1/day/person is appreciated for good service.

How much should I tip on a free tour? ›

It depends on the length of the tour, how other people are on the tour and and how satisfied you are after the tour, but it's common to tip anywhere from $5-$20 per person. If you consider the cost of paying for a group or private tour, even though "free" tours aren't totally free, you're still saving money.

How much does Club 33 cost? ›

For Disneyland Resort's Club 33, members will pay $25,000 upfront and then $10,000 every year after. For Walt Disney World, the upfront cost is higher. Members will pay $33,000 to join, and the annual fee is $15,000.

How many people get into Club 33? ›

Club 33 Membership

That is, if you can get a membership. There are only around 500 members at a time to maintain the club's exclusivity, and membership is by invitation only. So, even if you had thousands of dollars to spare, you can't simply buy your way into Club 33.

How long is the waitlist for Club 33 Disney World? ›

How Long Is The Walt Disney World Club 33 Waitlist? The wait list for Club 33 at Walt Disney World is reportedly much shorter than its California counterpart. Feedback analyzed from recently accepted members of Walt Disney World's Club 33 indicated the waitlist is currently around 3-5 years to join.

What is the secret Disney Club called? ›

Club 33 is named after its address in New Orleans Square: 33 Royal Street. Inspired by the VIP lounges that Walt Disney first witnessed at the 1964 World's Fair, Club 33 opened in May of 1967 as a private arena within the park where Walt could entertain important visitors.

How much is VIP parking at Disney? ›

Valet service is offered at Disney Deluxe and Disney Deluxe Villa Resorts, as well as at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort. Upon your arrival, please check with the Security Host for parking options. Valet service is $33 per night (sales tax included).

Do you have to pay extra to ride Rise of the Resistance? ›

As you might guess (since it's one of the most popular rides in the parks!), Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance is one of the paid individual Lightning Lane selections. In fact, until Cosmic Rewind debuted, it was the most expensive selection of them all. The price ranges from $15-25 per person.

Does Disney VIP include Star Wars? ›

World Class VIP will provide you with an amazing tour of Star Wars: Galaxy Edge! When you sign up for your very own private VIP tour, our hand-picked team of tour guides will help plan your theme park schedule to ensure that you get the most out of your trip.

Can I get a FastPass for Rise of the Resistance? ›

Rise of the Resistance does have a Lightning Lane.

If you've been away from the parks for a while, “Lightning Lane” is the new name for the old FastPass line. And, just like with the old FastPass+ system, lots of attractions in all 4 theme parks have Lightning Lanes.

What is the 120 minute rule at Disney World? ›

The 120-minute rule is determined by when you make the reservation, not the return time for the attraction. So if you both log on at 9 AM to make a reservation for different attractions, you will both have to wait 120 minutes (or after riding the attraction, whichever comes first) to make your next selections.

What is Disney fast pass called now? ›

Disney Genie+ is the new FastPass+, whether we like it or not. At its core, Disney Genie+ provides the same service as FastPass+, it gives guests the opportunity to skip the lines, and maximize their time in the parks.

What is the $20 FastPass at Disney? ›

Digital FastPasses are free and included with every Disneyland ticket. MaxPass costs $20 per person per day and is a completely optional service. MaxPass allows you to schedule your FastPasses via the Disneyland app.

Can two people use My Disney Experience? ›

If you need to add your spouse or kids, sign into your My Disney Experience account. Choose Family & Friends then go to the bottom where you have the option to Add a Guest. After they are added, you can easily link Theme Park tickets to them and add them to your room and dining reservations.

How to do Disney with a large group? ›

How to Plan a Trip for a Large Group in Disney
  1. Pick a group leader. ...
  2. Make sure you're on the same page, and agree to disagree. ...
  3. My Disney Experience App. ...
  4. Pick your dates and book Disney Resort hotel rooms ASAP! ...
  5. Purchase tickets and make park reservations. ...
  6. Plan and make your dining reservations. ...
  7. Ride plans.
Aug 13, 2021

What is the Disney Club 33? ›

Club 33 comprises a number of private dining clubs located within the various Disney Parks. First opening in 1967 inside Disneyland Park, the club was modeled after numerous executive VIP lounges created by pavilion sponsors in the 1964 New York World's Fair.

What is the slowest month at Disney World? ›

We tend to find that the slowest times at Disney World are in the early fall, like September and the late winter, like February. With that being said, the least busy days Disney World do fluctuate, and our guide will go more in depth with the best tips and tricks!

Is Disney World free on your birthday? ›

Disney does not give you free admission on your birthday but they do give you special treatment, free food, and other perks. Let's take a look at the benefits of celebrating a birthday at Walt Disney World Resort. Ready to celebrate your birthday at Disney World?

How much does a doctor get paid on a Disney cruise? ›

The salary starts at $73,659 per year and goes up to $157,548 per year for the highest level of seniority.

What is a pixie pass? ›

The Pixie Dust Pass is available only to Florida residents. Holders can have 3 parks pass reservations at a time. It is blocked out nearly half the year, including all weekends and major holidays. It costs about $425 ($399 plus tax).

What day is the least crowded at Disney World? ›

The most prolific crowds at Disney are during summer break and the winter holidays. Throughout the rest of the year, you'll find the least-crowded times on weekdays when school is in session. In my experience, January, February, and November (other than Thanksgiving week) have the lowest crowds overall.

Who gets to skip lines at Disney? ›

Disney Genie+ is a paid service that allows you to skip the standby line and use the Lightning Lane entrance at select attractions. Guests can book their first Genie+ ride selections starting at 7 AM on the day of their visit. This applies to both those who stay at a Disney Resort Hotel or stay off-property.

How much does a VIP tours coordinator at Disney make? ›

The estimated total pay for a VIP TOUR GUIDE at Walt Disney Company is $26 per hour.

How much do you tip Disney VIP tour guide? ›

Using the VIP tour guide is such a great use of your time and enhancing the Disney experience in such a way, you will not question the investment. Please do not forget to tip your guide. It is not mandatory but appreciated. 20% is the customary tip for these guides.

Do Disney VIP tour guides get tipped? ›

Yes, VIP tour guides are some of the only tipped cast members at Disney World. You will be expected to tip 10-20% of the total cost of your experience. You are allowed to tip with a value other than cash (if you're averse to carrying a lot on your trip), though this is generally frowned upon.

How much does Disney pay for attractions? ›

$16. The estimated total pay for a Attractions Host at Disneyland Resort is $16 per hour.

How much does a security host hostess get paid full time at Walt Disney World? ›

$18. The estimated total pay for a Security Host at Disney Parks is $18 per hour.

Do travel agents get commission on Disney tours? ›

Earn money as a Disney travel agent

Disney travel agents work on commission, which means that you'll only make money when your clients book their vacations and complete their stays. Disney pays a 10% commission to travel agents.

How much does a full time Disney travel agent make? ›

The estimated total pay for a Vacation Planner at Walt Disney Company is $53,298 per year.

Is it rude not to tip a tour guide? ›

Basic tipping etiquette says, yes, you should tip your tour guide. There are exceptions if your specific tour experience includes gratuities or you simply didn't have a good time, but in general, tipping your guide at the end of the tour is customary in the U.S. and Europe, though it's much more common in the States.

Is it bad to not tip a tour guide? ›

Most tour guides do not expect tips, but they do appreciate them. If a guide is working through a booking service they are probably making minimum wage and tips are a huge bonus.

How much money do I need for Disney per day? ›

Using the above analysis as a guide, a good daily budget for Disney is around $233 per person per day if you are traveling as a family of four, or a total of $935 for the whole family. This figure includes theme park tickets, parking, food, and spending money, but not accommodation.

How much does Mickey Mouse get paid? ›

How much does a Mickey Mouse make in California? As of Apr 28, 2023, the average annual pay for a Mickey Mouse in California is $55,285 a year. Just in case you need a simple salary calculator, that works out to be approximately $26.58 an hour. This is the equivalent of $1,063/week or $4,607/month.


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