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Full bathroom

At Victoria Plum we don't do showrooms, but we design and deliver elegant bathrooms that fit your lifestyle. Whether you are looking for bathroom shower ensembles, toilet and bath ensembles or shower ensembles, our range of complete bathroom ensemble packages are both inspirational and affordable, in traditional Victorian and modern contemporary styles. Discover the bathroom furniture sets and bathroom sets with shower that perfectly suit your home.

Contemporary suites for modern bathrooms

Choose one of the bathroom suites in theBathroom in collection mode, and you'll find that they're designed to showcase the very latest in contemporary and on-trend design. Contemporary bathroom ensembles typically feature clean lines and simple shapes (think sleek basins and sinks), with finicky details and ornate designs relegated to the past.

Many of our modern bathrooms feature water-saving dual flush systems, soft-close seats and easy-to-clean ceramics. They're also available in a variety of space-saving designs, with slimline toilet cistern or wall-mounted options that help free up floor space. A far cry from the weird, wonderful and, dare we say, cheap bathrooms of the 1970s and 1980s. In fact, all ceramics, including Mode Bathrooms toilets, sinks and basins, are fully air-tested for leaks and defects before they are allowed to be left the factory to ensure a premium quality product the first time.

Traditional vintage-inspired bathrooms

If you are looking for a timeless style,The bathing companyoffers a wide range of traditional bathrooms, including authentic high-end cistern toilets, ornate Victorian-style washbasins and sumptuous decorative clawfoot baths. All of The Bath Co.'s collections feature coordinating items that will make your vintage-style bathroom look effortlessly chic and coordinated. Whether you're looking for rustic, industrial, Edwardian or Victorian bathroom sets, you're sure to find a timeless classic that will give your home a true period look. The Bath Co. is certainly the place to go if you're looking for timeless luxury, as every single sink and toilet is air tested to ensure there are no leaks or defects. You can even find traditional towel rails to suit your style.

Bath suites on the cheap

If price is an important consideration - and let's face it, most of us work on a tight budget - you can make big savings on your bathroom by keeping an eye on our bathroom packages. Whether you're looking for a 3 piece bathroom set with a shower or tub, or perhaps even a tub with a multifunction shower, these sets and packages are often discounted in price, providing a cheaper alternative to buying all of their products separately. For everyday comfort at an everyday price, our Orchard Bathrooms brand offers quality and style, perfect when you need to save a few pennies for a rainy day.

The bathroom collection

To make it even easier, be sure to take a look at our bathroom collections. Each collection features products that have been carefully selected by our team of in-house designers to complement and coordinate with each other, resulting in an appealing bathroom that reflects your personal taste, but without the hassle of having to select everything individually. Whether you're looking for a shower/sink/toilet combo or just looking for the perfect faucet (or faucet, as they say across the pond) to suit your style, make our bathroom collections yours first point of contact. .

Types of en-suite bathrooms

If you are one of those people who cannot do without your bathroom to relax and unwind, an ensuite bathroom is an obvious choice for you. With a freestanding or straight bath, the ensuite bathroom is one of the most common bathroom layouts in the UK. However, if you have a family bathroom, certain family members may also enjoy showering. In this case, a bathroom with a shower would certainly be a better option. The modern en-suite shower rooms have a glass partition, doing away with the shower curtain of yesteryear, often with a handy towel rail. Of course, a bathroom isn't for everyone, and if you can do without a bathtub in your bathroom, a walk-in shower could not only be a great option, but it will also help you save space. A suite with a quarter circle neatly placed in the corner of the room leaves room for furniture, countertops, or accessories like toilet paper holders and soap dispensers. If you have the space, separate bath and shower facilities can be a great option, as you and your partner can use the bathroom at the same time, making bath time a much more social occasion.

Everything you need

At Victoria Plum you will find a wide range of complete bathroom sets with all the accessories you need including faucets, drains and plumbing fixtures for a fully coordinated look.

If you only need a toilet (or sink) and sink, did you know you can save money by buying them together? We have a wide range of affordable toilet and sink sets, giving you the freedom to mix and match all your faucets for a personal look.

By choosing one of our quality furniture sets, you can create a complete bathroom design that will help eliminate unnecessary clutter in your home. Buy a matching vanity and vanity complete with sink, you will not only get a matching ceramic set, but also some handy drawers under the sink or a cabinet to store all your bathroom essentials like soap, toiletries, etc toiletries, Towels, toilet paper and even bath toys if you have small children. The options are endless, with a wide range of colors and finishes to choose from, not to mention styles and sizes to suit smaller bathrooms, ensuites or closets. From the smallest shower curtain ring to the largest mirror, we have a wide range.

Suites for small spaces

Speaking of closets, if you're redecorating that tricky space, it's definitely worth checking out for ideas. When it comes to the smallest space in your home you sometimes need to think big, so take a look at our excellent rangeSolutions for small bathrooms? From compact vanities with beautiful countertops and sinks to short-stroke toilets, you'll find some incredibly space-saving options that make the most of every available square inch.

Nice choice

Are you looking for a complete bathroom solution that includes a sink, faucet (or faucet, as our American cousins ​​would say), toilet paper holder and soap dispenser? Look no further than our stylish selection of bathroom sets. You'll discover a fabulous range of matching furniture including counters, cabinets, towel rails and more, as well as beautiful bathroom mirrors that will reflect you well.

No matter what type of bathroom ensemble you need and what type of bathroom design you need it for, at you will find an incredible variety of products spanning both contemporary and traditional styles, all at a very affordable price .

Whether you are looking for vintage Victorian style bathroom sets or something that is on trend and very contemporary, we have the right bathrooms for you.


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