All about can openers (2023)

Most cans contain the tastiest foods. A can opener is like a key to happiness. But using the wrong can opener can ruin the satisfaction of opening a can. I know because I have been in this situation before.

If the can opener does not have a good grip, it will not be able to open the can properly. On the other hand, if he grips the jar too tightly, he could end up cutting the lid the wrong way.

There are various can openers available today. But which one is right for you? Now that today's article covers everything you need to know about can openers, I don't think you need to look anywhere else for your answers.

What does it take to be the best opener?

The best can opener should have some basic features. These features will give you an idea of ​​how the openers can perform and whether they meet your requirements. To help you learn everything you need to know about can openers, I've divided this article into different sections.

First, you need to understand the basic functions that a can opener should have. Next, you will learn about the different types of can openers. I'll add the pros and cons of each type to help you weigh your options. In the end, I'll help you figure out which can opener is best for you.


A can opener has certain features that you should have. Without these features, such an opener is completely useless. So, what are the qualities a can opener should have?

  • Ability to open boxes:I know it seems ridiculous to mention this. All openers can open cans, right? But you'd be surprised how many of them can't get the job done. So yes, what you get should be able to open a box.
  • Simple setup and operation:You don't want a can opener that is difficult to install and operate. It should not have complex work steps.
  • lasting:Buying a can opener every few months or years is a waste of money. You need to buy one with the right materials and an extended warranty.

Other requirements

The previous requirements are definitely necessary. But the quality doesn't end there. Here are some additional requirements to be aware of on your can opener.

  • Well made:It's all about feeling comfortable in the hand. The well-crafted handle of the can opener will feel comfortable to hold. If it's an electric can opener, it will stay secure and not tip over.
  • Antirust:You don't want a low quality opener that is prone to rust. Stainless steel is a great choice and won't stain your food.
  • Easy to maintain:If it's a manual can opener, it should bedishwasherEasy maintenance. If it is an electric model, it should have a removable and dishwasher-safe cutting unit.
  • Leave smooth, secure edges:It is best to take precautions when cutting rims or can lids. a perfect oneA can opener leaves a smooth and secure edge.
  • Non-food contact cutting wheels:Being a hygiene freak, I always make sure my opener doesn't touch the food inside. You never know there might be something on your knife that is invisible to the naked eye. The opener will open the cap without touching the inner parts of the cap.
  • Lid Lifter Magnet:Traditional can openers come with a magnetic lid opener. It prevents the lid from creating any mess on the kitchen counter. If it has a release button, you can throw the top straight in the trash.
  • Ability to open containers of unusual shape:Canned products are not always found in round cans. Choose from a can opener for rectangular, square, pull or pop cans.

Types of can opener

You'd be surprised at how many types of can openers there are. Each type is different from the other and works in unique ways. Here I will briefly describe these types and share their advantages and disadvantages.

manual can opener

A manual can opener is a can opener that is operated by hand. They require some physical strength to work. But most are effective and easy to handle. There are also several types of this can opener.

1.No need to disassemble parts

This can opener has a blade attached to the handle. You can open the container by making a hole and running the knife along the edge to remove the lid. It has no moving parts like others.


You will find two types of can openers without moving parts:

  • P-38 Can opener
  • handbookcan opener with a long pole
All about can openers (1)
All about can openers (2)


  • it does the job
  • extremely portable
  • it doesn't take up much space
  • suitable for travel

lack of

  • Leaves uneven and sharp edges
  • Contact with food when opening the container
  • easy to rust


Rotary can openers are available with either a cutting knob or wheels. You turn the knob and push the cutting wheel to open the box.

All about can openers (3)


These openers can be divided into two subcategories:

  • Bottle openers that cut the cap from the top and come into contact with food require cleaning after each use.
  • The corkscrew cuts the lid from the side, but does not touch the food and leaves a safe edge.

Advantages (top cutter)

  • handy
  • It doesn't take up much storage space
  • Affordable

Cons (top cutter)

  • leave a sharp edge
  • touch your food
  • It must be cleaned after each use
  • Not suitable for people with arthritis

Advantages (side cutter)

  • handy
  • Takes up little storage space
  • don't touch your food
  • does not require frequent cleaning
  • smooth the edges
  • Affordable

Cons (side cutters)

  • Not suitable for people with arthritis or weak hands
  • Turning the knob can be a bit tricky at times
  • Not as durable as top end mills

3.counter opener

You will need to screw the counter opener to a flat surface. When you turn the handle of the bottle opener, it engages the blade to cut the jar cap. These can openers are suitable for commercial or heavy duty use as they can open 7-11 inch cans.

All about can openers (4)


  • heavy duty can opener
  • It can handle several tanks per day
  • suitable for commercial use
  • open tall tank

lack of

  • expensive
  • Takes up a lot of counter space
  • maintenance is a challenge opener

Beer can openers are perfect for your man. This type of corkscrew is not just for beer cans. You can also use it to open juice, soft drinks, soda or cola cans.


There are two types of beer opener:

  • The pull ring can opener helps you pull the ring so you can drink.
  • Another pulled off the entire lid, turning the jar into a glass.
All about can openers (5)
All about can openers (6)


  • Leaves smooth and secure edges
  • non-polluting drink
  • Help open other canned drinks

lack of

  • quite expensive
  • Blades tend to dull

electric can opener

In 1931, the first electric can opener came out. At the time, it was called an electric cutter. Then, in the 1950s, stand-alone electric can openers were made.

1.electric can opener

Operating a modern can opener is very simple. The freestanding unit uses magnets to hold the jar in place, while a sharp blade cuts the lid. You have to press a button to activate it. But don't forget to plug the can opener into an electrical outlet.


There are two types of electric box openers:

  • A top cutter cuts the cap from above.
  • A side cutter cuts the cap from the side.
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Advantages (top cutter)

  • handy
  • For those with weak hands

Cons (top cutter)

  • knife contact with food
  • leave a sharp edge
  • they need electricity
  • they can be loud
  • If the magnet is loose, the jar will fall

Advantages (side cutter)

  • Suitable for people with weak hands
  • leaves no sharp edges
  • safe to use
  • The cutter does not touch the food

Cons (side cutters)

  • Weak magnets will cause jars to fall
  • requires electricity to operate
  • Very loud

2.battery operated can opener

This electric can opener is battery operated. They don't require electricity, you have to push a button for the blades to work.

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  • no electricity required
  • For those with weak hands
  • it doesn't take up much space
  • leave smooth edges
  • The cutting blades do not touch the food

lack of

  • Batteries need frequent replacement

Crown Punch Opener

The Crown Punch can opener is suitable for large cans and commercial use. This heavy-duty corkscrew has a lever that pushes the blade down to cut the caps. Depending on the size of the box, you will need to change the knife to make sure it cuts accurately.

All about can openers (9)


  • multifunctional structure
  • Easy to clean and wash
  • Cans can be opened with just one punch
  • save time
  • suitable for commercial use

lack of

  • Blades should be replaced depending on the size of the tank
  • Very expensive

Which type of can opener is best for you?

Now you know about the different types of can openers. But I don't know the history of the can opener. We recommend you checkHistory of Cans and Can openers. I understand if you are confused now. Because even if you know all about can openers, it can be difficult to know which type is right for your requirements.

personal needs

We all choose things differently. The can opener you buy should be suitable for the person using it. However, you can take a closer look at your individual needs list to ensure you make a better choice.

  • left handed:accordingWashington Post, 10% of the world's population are left-handed. However, most kitchen appliances seem to be designed for right-handed users. butLefties can use a can openerEfficient, especially with electricity or battery.

The downside to this type of can opener is that they take up space on your kitchen counter. Also, they can be loud. But there are openers for lefties and righties. You can buy a bottle opener like this.

  • Does it have to be ambidextrous? :That's what I just said. Having a can opener that can be used by both left-handed and right-handed family members is perfect. bought oneambidextrous can openerSave the cost of buying two different corkscrews.
  • One-handed operation:For more effective removal of the lid of the jar, you can useOne-handed opener. There are three types of this can opener. Countertop hand cans screw into the counter to help you open jars with one hand.

Automatic battery feed yeshands free can opener, even if you need a hand to use them. The ratcheting manual can opener helps to cut the lids from the top with one hand.

  • By: People with arthritis or hand weakness:If you have arthritis or hand weakness in your family, it's best to consider more convenient options. In this case, you can buy an electric or battery-operated opener.These can openers require little to no physical effort.
  • Good for camping or traveling:If you're traveling or camping, you can't take a heavy or electric can opener with you. You need somethingsmall and lightSo it doesn't take up much space.
  • business use: professional can openerFor heavy use. This type of can opener is suitable if you open 20-30 cans or large cans per day.

They help you save time and energy. Manual, electric and perforated can openers are ideal for commercial use.

  • Budget Friendly: Can openers are not that expensive. However, some of these products are very affordable. You don't have to spend a fortune to get a quality opener. But make sure it is made with quality materials for safety.

aesthetic needs

Not everyone wants a can opener just to open cans. Even I wouldn't randomly buy any can opener just because I need it.

I want it to look unique and beautiful. It should sit nicely on my kitchen counter. If you want this too, you'll want the following in your can opener.

  • specific color:Having something of a certain color is not a problem. This means you want everything to look more elegant. You can have a can opener that matches the color of your other kitchen utensils.
  • Bench Display:Who wants to hide their beautiful kitchen gadgets? Of course, you'll want it on your kitchen counter. So choose a can opener design that looks aesthetically pleasing.
  • installed under the cabinet:Many of us choose to place kitchen appliances under cabinets. If you want to keep your can opener this way, you need to make sure it looks stylish.
  • Wall Mount:Also applies toWall mounted can opener. They always stand out and attract attention.
  • multifunctional:Flexible models can save the life of any user. Some can openers also come with a bottle, can opener and other functions. You can buy a can opener like this and save money.
  • Hidden in a drawer:Well, if you don't like a can opener that sits on the counter, cabinet, or wall, you can always keep it in a drawer. How you want to use the can opener is entirely up to you.

All the above requirements are meant to help you know everything about can openers and choose the right one. To take it a step further, ask the following questions.

How many cans do you need per day?

correctly! The type of opener depends on the number of boxes you open each day. The more bottles you open, the stronger or more durable can opener you will need.

  • If you use a heavy-duty manual can opener, it can process 45-50 cans per day. This type of can opener can open up to 4-6 cans per minute.
  • On the other hand, a heavy-duty electric opener can help open 50-55 cans a day. It can open 5-7 cans per minute.
  • If you need to open more jars, a heavy-duty, high-capacity opener is even better. They can open 200 boxes per day and 5-8 boxes per minute.
  • A crown punch is the best choice if you need to open several cans each day. Manual tanks can handle up to 200 tanks per day, opening 5-6 tanks per minute. But if you use a pneumatic crown punch, you can easily handle 300-400 cans per day.

How big are these cans?

The size of the can is critical to the effectiveness of a can opener. Like the number of cans per day, size determines which can opener works best.

  • Heavy duty manual can opener with handles up to 25 7 inch jars per day.
  • Heavy Duty Electric Can Opener 11 Inch Can Handles.
  • The high capacity and crown can opener can open cans of the same size without any problem.

Final thoughts on can openers

The nice thing about knowing all about can openers is that it becomes less and less difficult when shopping for a can opener. Choose the type that suits your needs, but remember to play it safe.

If it is a manual can opener, the handle should provide a good grip. It protects your hands from hurting even after opening many boxes. As with any can opener, the basics are essential, the rest is up to you.


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