A QUIET LIFE by The QuietLife Project (2023)


Wisdom 02:39

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Wisdom If all I have is Wisdom, I lay it at your feet. Because somehow without you, baby, I don't feel complete. And now I feel lonely when things don't go well. I search in all my memories, escape from this hell. And now I get older, my hair turns gray, I lose meaning without reward and life just disappears... I felt the pain of sadness girl the day you left. Now it's kind of crazy to eat my brain. , the day my music died. And now I'm getting bolder, and trying to find my way I'm not so tense and common sense takes it day by day... I'm looking for some comfort, darling; I need to feel your soul. A story lost in empty words that will never be told.


dreams 03:18

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Dreams Dreams that come in the deep and dark night, I feel in a state of fear. I reach out my hand to read the clock, it drives me crazy with its tick-tock-tick-tock. All our lives depend on time, do we remember with a glass of wine? I think I'll pass if you really don't mind... I have to run... I heard your name as they passed me, and a chill ran down my spine. It's been so long it took me by surprise Playing tricks on a troubled mind. All these words are just idle words, they are all my sins that I have to live with. The apologies keep coming… I have to go… I hold my breath on the window pane and continue to look panel by panel. There are empty cobbled streets, boxes rattling like broken bones. What is the plan then to fight against your age? You raise your fist full of rage. Battles can't turn the page... I have to run... Oh, I used to know you and I know you now, I know you now.


A voice from the sixties 03:54

(Video) Japan - Quiet Life

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A voice from the sixties Drive down a lonely road, with no direction, no place is home, and the drivers so slow. Through the windshield the city grows, the traffic reflected in the mirror shines, and the rain turns to snow. Do you know why I keep wandering? As if stopping was a lie. He plays like a Rolling Stone. He lives in a country house. It had to be a psychedelic show. Now comes the time to move on, disillusioned with the chosen one, Just a shadow on the road. I don't know why, I keep wandering. I barely know how I survived. It sounded like a beautiful thing It gave us all a song to sing Believing that a bell from the sixties still rings... Yesterday, I couldn't believe my luck, so I packed up my things and started again...


losing ground 02:13

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Losing ground Here I am, living like a king. What a farce, empty cups, hollow ring... Watch the world spin and busy people run, chasing dreams, losing ground. Time passes slowly, hours go by. Please do not go. No, go stay a while longer and...


take me back home 05:24

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(Video) Existential

Take me back home I arrived late, it was Saturday circa 1986 The October sun was still shining warm across terracotta bricks I clearly remember the atmosphere was heavy with morning dew I was called to a lighted barn and we played a riff or two At the beginning They smiled at me trying to get it right. So they criticized me. They patronized me. They took me to the light. I still persevered until my voice grew louder But it haunted me how they mocked me for so long Take me back home... won't you take me back home again? days were weeks and weeks were months How time seemed to fly I was clinging to a shred of self esteem Though the truth had happened to me On a solemn dawn two years later the turning point was reached So I won and ran home to begin with again. It's not loneliness it's the sudden loss of hope It's a paradigm, lost time, rope exhaustion And even though we measure it, there are positive aspects without a doubt But I don't care I've had my share I want out Take me b back to home...won't you take me back home again?


Let the records show 04:00

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Let the records show All my life I've been waiting for something good but nothing has ever turned out as it should So all I have left now are promises I had to run away to make a mark, working hard to try and find a spark Hoping someone there don't give a fuck When you do your best it breaks your heart But let the record show I did my part Sometimes you get a second chance, another song, another dance Still you find it hard to let go The tangled web we weave it breaks free then closes in an arc The crooked roads we took that led me down a path that leads me home Across the fields beyond the fold, under the sky still shining starry Do you feel it in your bones...? Because? waste it take your time and get a job run with the crowd vote with the crowd i think the world has better i felt the shame of giving in, giving in hoping never to win and feel that freedom in my bones again


sweet forgotten thing 07:11

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Sweet forgotten thing So the bright young lady on a flat bed Grabs the vinyl prize and makes it move Flip the switch, check the speakers hum And drop the diamond pen in the groove And the song sings mystery, and a voice speak clearly to me Echoes of misfortune fill the room. Touched by madness, darling, and gripped by sadness, fear, Sticky sweet tobacco fills the room. Say, what's that song you sing, that sweet forgotten thing we all know? name, we can't change the game, everything is new... Teen explosion, now time has passed, Discarded pictures on the floor. The mirror glass lies broken, hopes and dreams once flattered, no one wants to hear anymore, the voices are gone, nothing more to say, the time has come to plant a seed today... The voices are gone, nothing more What to say, there's no time to plant a seed today... Say, what's that song you sing, that sweet forgotten thing we all knew?


(Video) Quiet Life @ Billy O's

A quiet life 04:13

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Quiet life They say a man who lives for a reason: ooh, that's a thinking life. They say a man who lives through the seasons: ooh, that's a farmer's life With an angry wife, it's a life of struggle... Here, it's a quiet life, with high tide and a place to hide. a man who lives for the sun: ooh it's an itinerant life. They say a man who lives for the army: ooh he has a soldier's life With a razor, it's a crazy life... Here, it's a quiet life, with high tide and a place to hide. Here, in the cool sea breeze, near the cottonwoods, it's an easy life. It's a quiet life here, with high tide and a place to hide. Here, in the fresh sea air, carefree life is a peaceful life.


magic spell 05:13

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Magic Spell And now we've come so far From broken homes and broken hearts I know A life of shattered dreams, aspirations, empty schemes. the spell says living well will keep you well With a dark cloudy despair the years recede a dying flame I still wait patiently for you to come home to me Can you come home? If each passing year leaves you with empty fear, I know Just watch the sweet dawn unfold before your eyes The magic spell of delusions says that living well will keep you well With despair clouded and dark, the years recede like a dying flame And as I watched you grow cold frozen winter snow Can you do it, can you do it, can you come home?


Here we go again! 03:54

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(Video) Paralysed

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Here we go again! There's a private yacht in Monaco flowing champagne below The price is right, chartered flight, cute maids online. rock, models, no regrets, See it all on the internet. In the end, when they know the time has come, they look for their friends. There's a football club so eager to sign, write your name on the dotted line, No need to play, we're glad to say your reputation is doing it. Well. We are benefiting from the merchandise. Here we go again, face him at the end, when they know their time has come, they look for their friends. We've seen him before, the rich man and the whore, he's the one you don't know what you know, that gets you through the door. Another world you say, millions wasted every day, all to keep the poor man on his back. Send the kids to a private school, go learn the golden rule, you must keep the workers on track kTime to count your blessings, they say, the rising sun, summer day. You're on the case, you've found your place, the kids are gone, every day is a vacation...


something shared 04:57

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Something shared I met a man on the way to Mandalay With his hair pulled back and a wide smile He said back off man, you're in my way And then I recognized the style We're looking for something shared, time has passed We took our time to reconcile the past And I still believe it's all worth it Do you wonder how and why and where and when did you forget where you belong? Those hopeful dreams we care to defend, Holding on too long We're reaching for something shared, dreams fall apart Was there something pure captured in those nights, As long as forgotten and lost And in the end, did it matter all the time?


the words don't rhyme 04:16

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(Video) Running for Your Life

Words don't rhyme The man said: "One in a million children, You're special, or so I've been told" The weight of words to act responsibly, Don't think so logically, be brave, be bold. And the feeling grows Maybe the time is mine And you pay your dues, and you do your time. And you sing your song, but the words don't rhyme. 'Cross the rails where independence grows, Through all the ups and downs that still stand To live, to learn, No alcohol, no cigarettes, No drugs and no regrets, I've seen it all And the feeling grows, maybe the sun You'll not shine And you've paid your dues, and you've served your time. And you sing your song, but the words don't rhyme. In the end, as Father Time predicted, what the future holds, we all agreed. When the heroes come, they too will fall, No cards, no crystal ball to set them free. And the feeling grows, maybe the sun won't shine. Now you've paid your dues and you don't have time. So you live your life and everything works out, Still you sing your song, and the words don't rhyme.


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